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Alan Miltz & Joss Milner – Managing Cash, Profit, and Value Master Business Course



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Managing Cash Profit and Value Master help you maintain healthy profit margins despite fluctuations in the economy by analyzing your data and guiding you toward sound decisions based on tried and true methods.

Who is Alan Miltz & Joss Milner?

Alan has made it his life’s work to teach corporate executives and everyone on their team to love statistics. His traditional starting line is “Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, and Cash is King and Queen.” Scaling Up, a best-selling book by Verne Harnish, has Alan as a co-author (having written the financial component of the book). According to Alan, managing a business is similar to managing a sports team because everyone needs to be aware of the results.

Inmatrix, creators of the Optimist software, was co-founded by Alan in 1998, and the company was successfully sold in 2009. The global standard for more than 500 banks worldwide is Optimist. And more recently, co-founding Cash Flow Story, a tool that makes it simple for non-financial people to assess and enhance business Profit, Cash, and Value. This has aided thousands.

CEO of Cash Flow Story and chartered accountant Joss Milner. Joss and Alan Miltz have been business partners since 1997. The two co-founded Inmatrix in 1998 and Cash Flow Story in 2013.

Joss is a highly skilled business mentor who has counseled many hundreds of individuals. He is also a well-known authority on cash flow and financial analysis and serves on the boards of several businesses.

Joss has devoted his professional life to assisting firms in increasing their Profit, Cash Flow, and Valuation. He is passionate about creating straightforward methods to help managers and owners comprehend their financial information.

Managing Cash, Profit, and Value Master Business Course with Alan Miltz

Throughout the course, you will govern your finances and create a solid balance sheet to enable you to expand with confidence.

Alan Miltz - Managing Cash Profit and Value Master Digital

Each module of Joss Milner – Managing Cash Profit and Value Master Business download will give your team the assurance they need to decide strategically on your firm’s operations in order to increase cash flow, profitability, and company value. Your workforce will be cohesive and able to communicate effectively, which will help your bottom line expand. You’ll also discover how to turn your bank into a crucial partner as you increase your value and growth. You can compare your crucial numbers with Alan’s tools and do so in a logical manner. You will have a firm understanding of how changes in inventory, price, overhead, etc. can affect cash flow, profit, and value. Below are curriculum:

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  • The 3 Big Cash Flow Measures
  • Growth and Value
  • Your Bank as Your Financial Partner
  • Conducting Effective Board Meetings
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Managing Cash Profit


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