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Armstrong Economics – How to Trade a Vertical Market



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How to Trade a Vertical Market from Armstrong Economics course, you must truly understand the nature of market movement. That means the is easily distinguished from the by the fact that the former is typically not sustained and collapses back down to its base of origin, whereas the latter creates a whole new trading dimension which becomes permanent.

Introduction to How to Trade a Vertical Market Armstrong Economics

One of the problems that many economists have in understanding vertical markets is their persistent attempt to control the business cycle, and as such, they have schemed to encourage the government to take control. The problem has been that their interpretation of events ignores why vertical markets and great crashes take place. Until the 1970s, all economists believed that the state could control the economy. To this day trade, they still preach this theory despite the fact that the government has never been able to prevent a crisis, even once, no less manage it correctly. Welcome to the 21st century. Ever since economists handed the power to the government, the stage has been set for the next vertical market because those in power will NEVER investigate their actions and economists will not admit that all their efforts have failed. They cannot define the cause, and as such, the solution always eludes them.

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