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Shay Rowbottom – The Intensive LinkedIn Bootcamp Video Training



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The Intensive LinkedIn Bootcamp Video Training helps you to understand the importance of growing a page on Social Media. This also teach you how to get more clients from Video Bootcamp, how to grow your following, connections, and reach convert them into leads and develop a consistent revenue-generating strategy

The Intensive LinkedIn Bootcamp Video Training with Shay Rowbottom

What you will learn:

  • Messaging effectively & pitch your offer
  • Optimizing your Linkedin profile
  • Overcome your shame and gain confidence on camera
  • Shooting your very first LinkedIn video
  • How to come up with content ideas around your industry
  • The basics of how to shoot video content easily and consistently

What you will get:

  1. Introduction to Getting More Clients from Video Bootcamp
  2. Why Video? (The A-Z of winning on Camera)
  3. Sales Messaging (Builds your pipeline through messages)
  4. Optimizing Your Profile (Get heard. Standout. Attract)
  5. The Basics of Video (The complete setup guide)
  6. Overcoming Shame (Kill your saboteur, embrace inner confidence)
  7. Your First Video! (Record. Launch. Release. Clients)
  8. Coming up with Ideas (Big, sticky ideas sell. Harness it)
  9. Posting Your Content (Engagement, engagement, engagement)
  10. General and Personal Content (The art of market leadership)
  11. The Content Machine (Grow revenue, automatically, sustainably)

What Methodologies is used?

  • Writing, video, content calendars, concept, post, and other frameworks – Never again be in the dark about how to expand your customer base and revenue!
  • Social Media Frameworks that attract attention, and keep attention
  • What great ideas look like, and what bad ideas feel like – Use this to go LIVE on a whim, and stock your content calendar months in advance
  • The true solution to video scripts that are engaging, garner replays, and close sales
  • Killing your inner saboteur and being as comfortable talking to a friend over coffee in front of the camera
  • The three strategies to improve your feed content (please DON’T do what I’ll show you at 34 minutes into the LinkedIn™ platform video)
  • What you should do to scale, optimize and create profile
  • Getting outer and inner confidence on video (and sales calls)
  • 101 on staging amazing videos → Look professional, Feel relatable, Act like a leader (Growth, personified with our agency client)
  • Find and attract MORE of your dream prospects on LinkedIn™ (definitely use this to increase your client quality)
  • Filling a pipeline from simple 3-minute videos
  • Build a content machine that grows almost automatically
  • Identify subtle, little gaps in your market that let you take market leadership fast
  • I’ll make (some) videos in under ten minutes, I promise (end procrastination and perfection when growing your audience)

What’s the price?

That’s the best part of Intensive LinkedIn Bootcamp Training, because it’s a fraction of what it should be.

My old agency used to be a multi 5-figure investment. And our flagship training is usually a multi 4-figure investment. But, you shouldn’t invest anything near that to grow your audience, reach, and revenue today.

You’ve already seen some of the results above. You already know that video and LinkedIn is going to build your business.

And you’ve seen the plans that I will hand you today in a matter of minutes from now. So forget paying $5000. Forget needing $2.5K. Right here on this very page, I have had my tech team set up a code. Which means that if you order  is $85 only.

Refund is acceptable:

  • Firstly, item is not as explained
  • Secondly, The Intensive LinkedIn Bootcamp Video Training do not work the way it should.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, support extension can not be used.

Thank You For Choosing Us! We appreciate it.

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