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Bob Meijer & Miles McNair – Performance Max Mastery



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Performance Max Mastery is a digital video course that you can watch at your own time, at your own pace. There is no start or end date.

The exact framework we use to scale e-commerce and lead gen brands. Based on practical experience, managing €500.000+ per month of spend on Performance Max.

Who is Bob Meijer & Miles McNair?

We have spent over €100M on Google Ads and have a combined 10 years of PPC experience, having worked with over 200 ecommerce and lead gen clients.

Together, we can help ambitious businesses and ambitious marketers make the most of Google, and that’s why we’ve joined forces to provide insane value to the PPC community.

We manage Google Ads campaigns on a daily basis, unlike agency owners or so-called “gurus.” All of our lessons are grounded in actual practice.

Become a Google Ads expert like 900+ others by enrolling in Performance Max Mastery today.

Performance Max Mastery with Bob Meijer & Miles McNair

The exact framework we use to scale e-commerce and lead gen brands. Based on practical experience, managing €500.000+ per month of spend on Performance Max.

Performance Max was supposed to simplify Google Ads, but actually made it harder

Performance Max is Google’s latest automated campaign type. With just one campaign, you can launch ads across all of Google’s ad inventory (Search, Shopping, YouTube, Display, Discovery, Gmail & Maps). Performance Max was supposed to make everything easier, but in reality only made everything harder.

Its potential is huge, but most marketers don’t know how to optimally set up, analyze, optimize and scale Performance Max.

Here are a few problems with Performance Max:

❌ It seems easy to set up, but it’s actually hard to scale profitably when done incorrectly
❌ pMax is still relatively new and there’s not a lot of expert knowledge available yet
❌ It’s getting harder to differentiate when everyone uses the same technology
❌ You have extremely little control over your ad spend
❌ Old best practices no longer guarantee success

Unfortunately, there is no way around Performance Max.

👉 Google has replaced Smart Shopping campaigns with Performance Max campaigns
👉 Google will continue to automate everything even further, including Performance Max
👉 So therefore we have to adapt, and find new ways to beat our competitors

The Google Ads landscape is changing so fast. If you don’t stay up to date with the latest developments, it’s going to be very hard to keep your edge and your competitors will eventually beat you.

And that’s exactly why we created Performance Max Mastery. ⤵

Performance Max Mastery has helped 900+ Google Ads specialists scale their accounts

Anton BekenkampPerformance Marketeer at Label Digital

I highly recommend this course on Google’s latest PCC product, Performance Max. Bob & Miles me with valuable frameworks to enhance my Pmax campaign structures, as well as useful insights on how to optimize the “black box” of data associated with it. Overall, it was a great course that I found to be very helpful.
Mar 6, 2023

EviSEA Specialist

Very comprehensive and up to date Performance Max course including high-level campaign structures and optimizations.
Mar 15, 2023

Dirk Meekes

Google Ads Specialist

This course has given me a tremendous amount of insight in the dos and dont’s for Performance Max. Miles and Bob are very knowledgable and share some great best-practises in setting up and opitmising your performance max campaign. This course is an absolute must for anyone who works with Performance Max and wants to stay one step ahead of their competitors.
Dec 1, 2022

What’s inside?

Everything you need to set up, optimize and scale Performance Max campaigns (strategy videos, best practices checklists, templates and so much more). Full program overview below

Part 1: Fundamentals Introduction to Performance Max

  • Learn about the fundamentals of Performance Max campaigns
  • Learn about the history of Google Ads and why pMax is changing everythingLearn how to use our ‘Performance Max Mastery Framework

Part 2: Data Input
Feed the machine with crystal clear data

  • Learn why data input input is so important with Performance Max
  • Apply our conversion tracking best practices for better optimization
  • Learn how to properly use audience signals

Part 3: Campaign Structure
Set up your winning campaign structure

  • Follow our ‘Building Blocks’ strategy to build the ultimate campaign structure for ecom brands
  • Learn how to apply advanced campaign structures for lead gen
  • Use our campaign settings checklist when launching new campaigns

Part 4: Assets
Use optimized assets for maximum results

  • Learn how to create image and video ads fast and without bid budgets with our ‘Rapid Ad Creation Loop’
  • Use these secret tools to spy on your competitors (and ‘steal’ their best performing ad ideas)
  • Use our image, video and ad copy best practices

Part 5: Optimization
Optimize campaigns despite limited insights

  • Learn how to optimize Performance Max, even with very limited insights (this is a very extensive module)
  • Use our little-known ways to understand where your ads showed
  • Use our templates to add negative keywords to Performance Max

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