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Sherman Standberry – Social Ads Mastery Program



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Social Ads Mastery Program

To get the most out of Sherman Standberry – Social Ads Mastery Program, please carefully pay attention to every lesson. If you do, you will know Social Ads you need to know in order to run a successful
advertising campaign on social media. Salepage

What do Sherman Standberry introduce?

We’ve spent hundreds of hours carefully preparing every component of this program, and after reviewing everything, it is literally everything I wish I had and more when we started our agency.

  • The basics of social media advertising – because if you do not, nothing else will make sense in this program
  • Your numbers – because if you do not, you will not be profitable
  • Your budget – because if you do not, you will not spend enough to see results. (or worse – you’ll spend too much money on poor-performing campaigns)
  • Your audience – because if you do not understand them, you won’t be able to target them effectively
  • Your ad funnel – because if you don’t have a funnel, your ads won’t generate predictable results
  • And lastly your brand assets – because if people do not like what they see, they will not buy from you, regardless of how good you think your ads are

Execution includes understanding Social Ads Mastery Program:

  • The best way to design your social media profiles
  • Use ad tracking to your benefit
  • How to create your social media ads – and I provide formulas, graphic templates, and more
  • Then we’ll talk about how to structure your campaigns so you don’t get garbage clicks
  • And finally, I am going to give you our step-by-step process to optimizing your social ads campaign once you go live

What you will learn in Ads Mastery Program?

Why Social Ads?

  • Top Benefits of Social Ads
  • Social Ad Platforms
  • How Social Ads Work

Understanding Your Business Numbers

  • The Business Numbers You Need to Know Before Running Social Ads
  • Compute Those Numbers [Calculator Provided]
  • Walkthrough of how to use the Calculator

Determining Your Advertising Budget

  • The Role of Your Advertising Budget
  • The Key Metrics that Influence Your Ad Spend
  • How You Are Charged for Social Ads (CPM vs. CPC)
  • The 2 Best Methods to Calculating Your Budget [Calculator Provided]
  • Walkthrough of Budget Calculator

Defining Your Target Audience

  • The Importance of Ad Targeting
  • Identify the Audience Most Likely to Buy [Checklist Provided]
  • Determine Your Unique Selling Proposition

Sales Funnel

  • The Purpose of Sales Funnels
  • The Different Types of Sales Funnels
  • Examples of Real Sales Funnels
  • Selecting Your Sales Funnel [Guide Provided]

Creative Assets

  • Website Design Best-Practices
  • Website Structure Best-Practices
  • Landing Page Best-Practices
  • Pop-up Best-Practices
  • Photography Best-Practices
  • Video Best-Practices
  • Graphics Best-Practices [Templates Provided]

Optimizing Your Social Media Profile

  • Image Best-Practices
  • Name and Handle Best-Practices
  • Bio Best-Practices
  • Posting Best-Practices

Setting Up Ad Tracking

  • What is Ad Tracking?
  • How Does Ad Tracking work?
  • Tracking Best-Practices

Creating Your First Set of Ads

  • The Anatomy of a Social Ad
  • Copywriting Formulas
  • Creation Framework [Guide Provided]
  • Media Best-Practices
  • [Bonus] How to View Competitor Ads

Ad Campaign & Targeting Best-Practices

  • Best Campaign-Type
  • The Best Audiences to Target
  • The Ad Placement You Should NEVER Use

Sherman Standberry – Social Ads Mastery Program Optimization

  • Core Components of Ad Optimization [Guide Provided]
  • How to Identify Winners & LOsers
  • Ad Optimization Roadmap Overview

Who is Sherman Standberry? Social Ads

 He is a Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Entrepreneur (3x), a licensed CPA, and the co-founder of LYFE Marketing, LYFE Accounting, and other small businesses.

Since 2011, Sherman has consulted thousands of entrepreneurs on their social ads strategy, and helped to create the Million-Dollar Blueprint, which LYFE’s staff follows to replicate success throughout their portfolio.

Sherman’s work has been featured in Inc Magazine, CNBC, the Financial Times, Cheddar Business, the Profit Show, and much more.

If you enroll into our Social Ads Mastery Program, you will be learning from a successful entrepreneur that understands both worlds, business and advertising.

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Sherman Standberry Social Ads Mastery Program
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