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Paul Smith – The BASICS of Joint Venture Finance



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The Basics of Joint Venture Finance is started by introducing you to the ideas that are critical and underpin every kind of joint venture, for anything that you might want to do in the future.

Joint Venture Finance is for everybody that want to successfully invest in property using none of their own money. Either they have money but don’t want to utilize it, or they have no money right now.

Who is Paul Smith?

My name is Paul Smith from Touchstone Education. I really hope you enjoy this module. Please do not try and do complete this module in less than a day. Now, it won’t take 24 hours, but it will take you to listen to a module, do the exercises, perhaps take a break, think about it. So, if you were to spread this even over two or three days, especially when you get familiar with all the exercises that we need to do, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. But under no circumstances please try and rush through this in less than a day. Each of these modules are designed to be a standalone one-day course, so let’s get going.

The BASICS of Joint Venture Finance with Paul Smith

The single thing most people think they are short of is actually in limitless supply if you know how to attract it to you: INVESTMENT CASH. This is for you if you have a huge property portfolio or you have yet to get started.

In the end, joint venture success or failure is not based on financial considerations. The crucial factor is the capacity to use other people’s money.

What others saying about this course?

  1. In my best year, I added 47 Serviced Apartments and generated a total of £1.3 Million in revenue. However, in recent years, this growth has slowed, so I’ve come up with a master plan to re-engage my business and produce higher statistics than before.
  2. Thank you Paul, Anita, and Touchstone Education staff members, especially those in this group, for spending so much time helping people like me. I’ve had a wonderful year of learning and development, feeling blessed in all part of my life. Thanks
  3. The mastermind offers the best training, instruction, and support I have ever encountered. It is uncomplicated, simple to understand, and incredibly doable.


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