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Jesper Nissen – Tumblr SEO course



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Tumblr SEO course will show you how to use your tumblr profiles in your daily SEO campaigns to get the most out of them.

Who is Jesper Nissen?

Danish search engine optimization expert Jesper Nissen. He is an expert in the fields of computer programs, web design, and search engine optimization. In order to send powerful DR93 links to his pages, Jesper has spent the past few years using Amazon S3 to build miniature HTML-based sites.

The red planet

When I first started learning about physics in 1995, my professor was the late Jens Martin Knudsen. He is well-known among scientists for his theory that water on the surface of ancient Mars produced its distinctive red hue. He was a great source of motivation, and he shared my enthusiasm for the scientific principle I apply in my work as an SEO. Despite having a master’s degree in physics and quantum mechanics, I still struggle every day to understand how Google functions.

Involvement in software testing

I’ve been working for CSC as a software tester since 2004. We were building a very large it-system to be used in hospitals in Denmark. It was my responsibility to verify that the software performed as expected. Finding all the ways something doesn’t work, or at least all the exceptions to the rule, may sound like a boring job, but it’s actually quite interesting. Quickly promoted to the role of software analyst, I was responsible for creating the requirements.

Tumblr SEO course with Jesper Nissen

Tumblr is a web2 platform, where you can create your own free blog. Tumblr is a long time favourite for SEO professionals, because you can create dofollow backlinks.

In this course you will learn how to use tumblr in your SEO campaigns.

I will use you how to scrape and find strong expired tumblr accounts. I will show excatly how to activate them, in order to not get them closed down again.

I will show you how to create dofollow backlinks in at least 4 different ways.

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