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Sam Carpenter – Work The System Training



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Work The System Training is highly readable as a result of the effective use of short stories to illustrate key points. Furthermore, the author employs comparisons such as how traffic rules differ in the United States and Pakistan to demonstrate the benefits of cooperation supported by well-documented rules and standards. The supporting arguments for his system for managing one’s work and life through analysis of Mick Jagger’s, Jim Morrison’s, and Frank Zappa’s lives and music appeal on many levels.

Sam Carpenter generously shares not only practical examples from his company but also Centratel’s 30-point guiding principles that govern how people work in the book. If we took just six of them, we’d have a pretty good overview of lean management.

Work The System Training with Sam Carpenter

A number of reasons that I recommend this book for. For starters, it is written in a straightforward method, introducing ideas that are “mechanical and simple, not theoretical, political, or religious,” in Sam’s words. In other words, the advice is extremely useful. Second, the entire book is based on Sam’s personal experiences, both in his personal life and in his company Centratel’s continuous improvement journey. I am confident to say that readers will find the whole passages, if not pages and chapters, to share with colleagues and apply to their own situation. Third, even though Sam is not writing about lean, has no background in lean, and only recently became aware of the Toyota Production System, Sam’s book is a strong validation of the management system we call “lean.”

The author warns the reader early in the book that after learning his Work the System method, we will open our eyes and be unable to close the common sense solutions that we see, and that success will require hard work. Almost every lean transformation begins with the words, “You will see waste all around you, be unable to stop seeing it, and it will drive you insane.” The only way to eliminate this waste is for people to participate in continuous improvement,” or to work the system.

What you will get:

  • Orientation
  • Getting Started
  • Control, holism – Organic & mechanical
  • Red & Green
  • Introduction to the Mind-Shift
  • The Mind-Shift, Part 1
  • The Mind-Shift, Part 2
  • Prime Time
  • The Lauguage, Part 1
  • The Language, Part 2
  • The Strategic Objective
  • General Operating Principles
  • Isolating Your Systems
  • Working Procedures
  • You Are A Project Engineer
  • Your Staff & Effective Communication
  • Task Management
  • Good Enough. Errors Of Omission. POS
  • Personal Systems
  • Word Filing (Non US)
  • Make It So Freeform Wrap-Up With Sam
  • Documentation Software
  • Documentation Software (How to create edit remove users)
  • Documentation Software (How to create departments)
  • Documentation Software (How to upload a file)
  • Documentation Software (How to workflow)

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