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Mike Russell – Audio Production Course



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The Audio Production Course is intended for audio aficionados who wish to produce audio at a professional level. This could include radio imaging, DJ, podcast, and audio book producers, as well as voice over artists, YouTubers, online radio station managers, and anyone else seeking a high-quality sound for their audio creations.

Who is Mike Russell?

Since the 1990s, I have been producing audio, and I began my career in UK radio. I began my career as a radio host, but quickly realized that audio production was my true passion. I am the founder of the international audio production company Music Radio Creative. The majority of my time is now spent instructing audio production. I am an Adobe Certified Professional who frequently speaks on Adobe stages worldwide. I provide corporate and institutional training as well as professional coaching on an individual basis.

I’ve worked for numerous radio companies, including talkSPORT, Capital, Heart, and Bauer. I am familiar with expected audio quality, what works, what doesn’t, what can save a show at the last minute, as well as production skills that are useful.

Since 2006, I’ve applied a significant portion of my radio career knowledge to thousands of clients at Music Radio Creative. I have collaborated with national, regional, and local radio stations, online broadcasters, podcasters, and commercial brands on every conceivable project. From simple radio advertisements to stadium-wide productions.

I have learned that there is no single location where producers can acquire “hands-on” practical knowledge. There are courses that provide a great deal of theory but little practice in “real life.” I wanted to change this and create a centralized location where people like me, who produce radio advertisements and imaging, could learn the necessary information for their daily work. This information can immediately improve your production quality and workflow without requiring you to enroll in a three-year audio production degree program.

The Audio Production Course teaches you everything you need to know to create audio that sounds fantastic (commercials, podcast intros and outros, beatmixes, radio imaging and more). The course includes a complete SFX and music production library as well as my Adobe Audition Presets.

Audio Production Course with Mike Russell

The Audio Production Course was made for beginner to intermediate producers. If you would like to produce audio on a professional level – this course is for you!

  • The course can be completed at your own pace. The course can be completed at your own pace and in your own time, allowing you to easily accommodate it around other obligations.
  • Easy to understand structure. The course is separated into five major stages with distinct thematic sections.


Tony Sackett discovered how to improve the sound and quality of his productions.E?

The five major stages will cover the following:

  • Improving audio quality. The intricate inner workings of the voice processing. EQ, normalisation, compression, de-esser, noise gate, hard limiting explained. Working with music and sound effects, as well as volume and mastering.
  • Music Composition and Production. Promotional music, imaging, auto-tuning, and beat matching.
  • Industrial Production. How to effortlessly create commercials that sound fantastic.
  • Radio Imaging. Audio keyboard shortcuts, Adobe Audition templates, parallel processing, sung jingles, and sound design.
  • Voice Effects Filter based on scientific principles, chorus, flanger, distortion, pitch, vocoder, ring modulator, vocal synthesizer, bitcrusher, and a hard limiter.

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