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Tom Bisio – Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Online Learning – Foundational & Intermediate Two-Program Bundle



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Authentic Ba Gua Zhang is the perfect balance of theory and practice presented through written material, and video. This is a great chance to learn the fundamentals of Ba Gua Zhang on your own, without the need for a teacher.

You put in the work, and we’ll provide the education and tools you need to succeed. As a result of many trips to China and a lot of self-study, I am now able to call Ba Gua my own.

Who is Tom Bisio?

Author of the original Ba Gua Zhang video course, Tom Bisio. My 35 years of teaching martial arts and my 25 years of practice as a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine informed the development of this program. I traveled extensively throughout China to study with martial arts and Chinese medicine masters in order to learn Ba Gua Zhang and develop the Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Distance Learning Program, and I also authored several books on the subject. A lot of what I’ve learned and seen on those travels, as well as in my years of teaching martial arts and Chinese medicine in the US and abroad, has informed the program I’m so pleased to present to you.

Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Online Learning Program with Tom Bisio

Foundational Ba Gua Zhang Program

  • Welcome Letter and Training Instructions
  • Access to over 80 videos
  • 5 Complete Books (PDFs containing over 800 pages)
  • Handbook for Students (PDF – over 100 pages)
  • 5 more PDFs, including Ba Gua’s 12 Standing Postures and Meridians
  • Participation in Tom Bisio’s Q&A: Get Video Answers and Feedback
  • Bonus Content: Written and Video (Videos & Two PDFs)

You Will Learn:

  • Ba Gua Patting Exercises
  • Dao Yin Exercises
  • Zhan Zhuang Standing Meditation
  • Qi Cultivation Exercises
  • Ba Gua 12 Posture Standing
  • 28 Foundational Exercises (Ji Ben Gong)
  • Basic Stepping Exercises
  • Footwork Exercises and Patterns
  • Ba Gua Circle Walking Nei Gong (Ding Shi Ba Gua Zhang)
  • Foundational Partner Training

The Intermediate Ba Gua Zhang Program

  • 30 page Welcome Letter describing how to make the most of the course
  • Over 500 pages of written guidance
  • Three MP3s will walk you through the fundamental Nei Gong practices.
  • Over 120 videos covering every aspect of training A 170 page curriculum guide that has been revised

You Will Learn:

  • Tian Gan Heavenly Stem Workouts
  • Change of Palms (Single & Double)
  • The Traditional Eight Palms (Lao Ba Zhang) and Eight Hands (Ba Shou) Partner Exercises
  • The Five Methods of the Eight Trigram Single Palm Change Ba Gua Zhang’s Martial Skills

1) Capturing and Seizing Methods (Qin Na and Na Fa)
2) Throwing Methods (Shuai Fa)
3) Kicking Methods (Ti Fa)
4) Elbow Methods (Zhou Fa)
5) Striking Methods (Da Fa)

  • Single Movement Practice: Practice of individual movements, which develop critical skills
  • Ba Gua Spinal Meditation
  • Bone Breathing
  • Ba Gua Marrow Washing Nei Gong
  • Foundational Saber Exercises: Dao Ji Ben Gong & Gun Ji Ben Gong

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Thank You For Choosing Us! We appreciate it.

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