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Chris Dover – Systems Mastery Course



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Chris Dover – Systems Mastery Course

This Chris Dover – Systems Mastery Course gives you what other gurus refuse to give you. Teaching you how to build robust trading systems, that take you from guessing and gambling in the markets to predictable, repeatable systems. Like the Pros. It also gives you the consistent results, you desire and provides you with all the tools needed to set you aside from 95% of traders leaving you in the top 5% of traders being successful.  

Is a great trader always right? Pollinatetrading – Systems Mastery

What makes a great trader is their system and how it was created.

Most people confuse great trading with always being right. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. In fact, it is 100% incorrect. The reality is you may be even closer than you think to becoming that great trader producing consistent results beyond what you thought was possible. 

What makes a great trader is the systems they trade and how those systems were created.  Anyone can just buy some gurus system. But the system mastery course is not just handing you a proven system. Well, it is handing you two proven systems. But unlike all the other gurus It also gives you all the tools you will ever need to build your own systems the right way. Leaving the signal buying to the newebs.

  • 6.5hrs of Chris Dover – Systems Mastery Course download
  • FVBO is a proven profitable strategy
  • VBO 2.0 is a proven profitable strategy
  • No expensive software
  • Custom spreadsheet
  • Learn how to match your system to you
  • Build a real trading business so you can build the life you want
  • Stop buying signals build your own proven system
  • Define your belief systems
  • Learn how the professionals
  • Chose to build a part-time trading system or full-time trading system
  • Understand R multiples and proper position sizing
  • How to rate your system
  • Learn price action
  • Understand data entry
  • A system you will use for the rest of your trading career

Do you know about Chris Dover?

– Founder at pollinatetrading
– Host Market Gaggle Podcast
– _https://anchor.fm/pollinatetrading
– And YouTube Channel _https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEplIfNrukqIsuWlrji8D_Q/videos?view_as=public
– Since 1999 I have been trading, building trading systems and learning how to harvest alpha from public markets. I build and trade systems in equity, futures, commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies and bond markets. You can find more about my work at pollinatetrading.com, on Twitter_https://twitter.com/chrisdmacro
– I write at _https://www.pollinatetrading.com/blog


Chris M – California

Equities Trader at UK Based Hedge Fund

“Chris D’s Backtesting Mastery Course is an integral part of my trading development. Not only has this course given me a road map on how to build a system, it has also improved my discretionary trading. There are no trading silver bullets, holy grails, or shortcuts. However, if you are willing to put in the work that 99% of traders are not, you will greatly increase your probability of being one the 1% of consistently profitable traders. This course shows you how to do the work necessary for success.”

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