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Raghee Horner – Ultimate Day Trading Strategy (Elite Package)



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Ultimate Day Trading Strategy is the essential method for higher, more rapid profits. This is a commodity that traders seek. It is this “ah-ha!” moment that kickstarts their trading. In fact, many of them describe how the market flipped their lives upside down.

Who is  Raghee Horner from simpler trading?

Raghee’s introduction to the markets began in an unorthodox manner. In fact, she began tracking the performance of her mutual fund on engineering graph paper at age 15. Once she realized her wealth was increasing while she slept, she never looked back. She serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Simpler Futures and Forex Mastery.

Raghee’s trading style was derived from a system-inspired approach and a sequential method for constructing trades. She’s most well-known for her specific tools (like her GRaB and Wave Premium Indicator). Identifying the dominant market trend is the first step for trend traders. She uses three exponential moving averages and color-coded candles to visually identify the sentiment, momentum, and the trend.

Her strategies and indicators enable any trader to approach the market with greater objectivity, eliminating unsupported bias and emotions that can cloud judgment. Raghee employs fundamentals, technicals, and price action to implement a systematic, objective trading strategy.

Raghee is an expert in trading futures, spot currencies, options, and stocks across any time frame. If you’re seeking a foot in the door in any of these areas of trade, she’s the best person to contact.

Ultimate Day Trading Strategy with Raghee Horner

  • The powerful 2-hour ‘morning pattern’ responsible for 10x gains in 45 days
  • How to exploit this special ‘profit window’ with stocks, ETFs, options, or futures
  • Why Raghee has NEVER, EVER blown out an account in 30+ years
  • Raghee’s proven trading plan for exploiting this pattern just 4 days a week
  • Case Studies: How Raghee banks $3K+ gains in 75 minutes (or less)
  • Raghee’s Ultimate Day Trading watchlist for stocks, futures, and ETFs
  • How to always keep your account growing in up or down markets
  • Raghee’s proven trading plan for $500 to $5K intraday winners

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