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Dennis Moons – Google Shopping Success Course



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Google Shopping Success is a self-paced online video course that will teach you how to use Shopping Ads to generate profitable sales. It’s the exact playbook our students have used to double their ROAS or 4x their sales volume!

I will teach you everything there is to know about our Google Shopping framework in 52 comprehensive lessons.

Starting with the basics of product feeds and progressing to advanced strategies for managing highly profitable Shopping and Performance Max campaigns are covered in detail throughout the course’s individual lessons.

Tired of campaigns that spend your money without sufficient returns?

  • It would appear that Shopping Ads were made for e-commerce sites.
  • When potential customers conduct a search for a product, your ad can appear alongside relevant results.
  • It’s not quite that simple, though, as anyone who’s ever managed a Performance Max or Standard Shopping campaign knows.
  • First, let’s address the most pressing issue.
  • Acquiring clicks is a breeze. The challenge is in raising sufficient funds to cover the campaign’s expenses.

Who is Dennis Moons?

Store Growers was established by me, Dennis Moons. I have been managing Google Ads campaigns for over a decade, so you could say I’m an expert.
In that time, I’ve handled advertising budgets of over $5 million for clients ranging from sole proprietors to multinational conglomerates. And now is the time to draw on that expertise to launch your campaigns.
Top business magazines have profiled Dennis, including Shopify’s Ahrefs, Yotpo, and CrazyEgg.

Google Shopping Success Course with Dennis Moons

Module 1 – Setting Up For Success
Getting great results with your campaigns starts with a solid foundation.
So in this first module, we’ll create a product feed, makes sure it complies with Google’s requirements and we’ll make sure you can track the results of your campaigns.
I dive deep into every single step and cover everything that can go wrong and explain exactly how to solve it.

Module 2 – From Launch To Sales
If you have campaigns running, you can optimize the various parts with our Optimization Pyramid framework.
You’ll see me work on actual campaigns while I talk through why I’m making certain changes and how they tie into the bigger picture.

Module 3 – Save And Scale 
When you’ve taken care of the basic optimization, it’s time to dig a little deeper.
In this module, I’ll share advanced optimization tactics that will help you to save on ad spend, while at the same time scaling the best performing parts of your campaigns.

Module 4 – Mastering Performance Max
Performance Max plays a central role when it comes to Shopping Ads.
So in this module, I’ll show you how to integrate Performance Max into your account, and how to optimize your campaigns.
This will allow you to create Performance Max campaigns that go beyond “hoping” for good results.

Module 5 – Google Shopping Extras
Besides Shopping Ads, Google has tons of other initiatives to push your products.
Each one is an opportunity to get more visibility for your products and business.
So in this module, we’ll dig into the most promising ones.

Module 6 – Beyond Google Shopping
In this module, I show you how to leverage other parts of the Google Ads like Remarketing and Search Ads based on the performance of your Shopping campaigns.

Who is this for?

Google Shopping Success is the perfect training program for all advertisers that want to sell more and improve the ROAS of their Shopping Ads.

Freelancers & agencies
Working with clients in the e-commerce space requires a thorough understanding of Shopping Ads.
In the past year, Performance Max has made a dramatic impact on Google Shopping.
Because of this, you must provide current information to clients (and potential clients) and be able to generate the outcomes they require from these novel campaign formats.
You can try to put the pieces together by searching Google, reading the news, or listening to people’s opinions.
You can also save time by downloading our advanced skills, strategies, and insights.

Ecommerce businesses
To maximize the effectiveness of Google Ads for your online store, Google Shopping is a necessity.
Google is heavily promoting Performance Max. If you want to be as effective as possible in the future, you’ll need to keep learning and growing.
Different Shopping campaigns serve different purposes, and you should know the difference between them.
After that, you can get down to business and start configuring and optimizing campaigns that bring in revenue for your company.
Without relying solely on Google’s suggestions!

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