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Video Marketing Made Easy is the best way to get massive organic reach, determine yourself as an authority in your industry, and make a real connection with your community so you can make more sales and a bigger influences

What is video marketing?

Using video for marketing means incorporating a video format into your marketing strategy to promote a brand, product, service, or message. Video marketing shows your audience effectively and helps increase engagement on social media and digital channels.

Overall, video marketing is only a component of an whole marketing strategy or campaign. However, it so happens that video marketing’s role is noticeably more significant today, thanks to the Internet and social media.

Video Marketing Made Easy with Molly Mahoney

You know you have a great item or service to share, but… How do you get it into the customer’s hands

How do you found yourself as a specialist in your industry?

How do you share the goodness of your business without feeling like a salesy weirdo?

 Camera Confidence How to be confident on camera

Responsibility and Confidence so that you can live with clarity and joy! You don’t need to be over the top and bubbly like I am. You need to be the best of who you are

Conversations That Convert: How to communicate effectively

Speak effectively on camera so you can interact and connect with your ideal client. And get knowledge of our unique Story telling framework that brings your community along for the ride… right into your offer.

 Camera Equipment Basics

You don’t need to spend a bazillion dollars on your set and your lights to establish yourself as a successful authority. This module will teach you how to show up like a million bucks with tools you probably have at home. (If you want to step it up and look super profesh… we’ll show you that too.)

Business Foundations

Know the unique magic behind your brand, your ideal client, and what you offer, so that you become top of mind when your audience needs the solution that you have to offer.

Content that Converts

Develop a plan that works for your life, provides massive value for your audience, and brings in leads that easily convert into sales.

Your Unique Video Path (Review the Overview)

Will you Go Live? Will you focus on Short form content? This is where the real marketing magic begins to come together… put your plan into action! Test, get feedback, and make adjustments so that your viewers not only convert into sales, they become your biggest champions who can’t wait to share your products and services with others.

Supercharge Your Social

Daily STAR Tasks The Secret to Getting More Views That Lead to Sales

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