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Gemma Went – All Access Pass to the Live Workshops



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Introduction of All Access Pass to the Live Workshops

  • The Momentum Workshop Replay
  • Momentum Workshop Replay
  • The Momentum Worksheets
  • The No Social Workshop


The Lighthouse Business Academy is a CPD Accredited Training and Mentoring Company founded by award-winning entrepreneur Gemma Went and is a beacon of trust in the online business industry, shining the light on simple, sustainable, wildly effective ways to grow and scale online, without burning out or selling out.

All programs are created and led by Gemma. Through The Conscious Consultant Certification, The Elevate Collective, and powerful digital courses, we help legacy-led, service-based business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives connect with their unique magic, build unshakeable confidence, turn their big ideas into profit-on-repeat, and change the world one feel-good ripple at a time.

We merge proven strategies, robust mindset methods and simple systems to create six, multi-six and seven figure success stories. At our core we activate conscious humans, helping them to step into mastery as they build a business that creates a legacy.

Our sweet spot is helping those on the cusp of six figures up to mid multi-six figures scale with soul as they build a sustainable business that aligns with them.

Who is author of this Live workshops?

She (Rick Allen – All Access Pass to the Live Workshops free) has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years. Rick started as a wholesaler years ago and ran a real estate wholesaling firm with 40 employees.

In 2012, Rick bought his first mortgage note and never looked back. He manages a multi-million dollar fund and has bought and sold over 1000+ mortgage notes in his career.

He is also the CEO of Paperstac a mortgage note trading platform where hundreds of loans have been sold.

Your tasks are below. Tick them once done:

  • Schedule a couple of hours to go through this, with no interruptions. Try to avoid rushing through it. Spending the time to lean into discomfort and investigate what happened will help you to create a powerful plan for the next six months. 
  • Go through this workbook and respond with the first answer that comes up for you, try not to overthink it, your subconscious knows what you need. 
  • Once you’ve completed the workbook, go to the Key Learnings section and add those key learnings that you want to bring with you to our Momentum Workshop where we will map out your next six months.

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