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Brad Smart – Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced)



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Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course with Brad Smart will help you break through your “plateaus”. You can grow and scale, with less stress and less drama. We don’t leave anything to chance.

Over the years we’ve discovered an easy way to reduce mis-hires: write a Job Scorecard with measurable, first-year accountabilities. If those with a stake in this hire agree on those accountabilities, and if the job scorecard is shared with candidates, everyone is then on the same page, and truly knows what the job is.

Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) – Brad Smart

In the 7 Week Topgrading Program you’ll learn how to:

  • Coach your new hire
  • Evaluation of your hiring and promotion performance
  • Improve your hiring procedures
  •  the data Analyzing
  • Conduct effective interviews
  • Master advanced interview techniques

Why should You learn Topgrading 2.0 Master?

If your workforce is unreliable, expanding your business is difficult and irritating. However, not many businesses are aware of the secret to effective hiring.

The truth is that your company is only as powerful as its employees. You lose millions of dollars and hours as a result of poor hiring decisions (this is not an exaggeration). Every member of your team, not only your leadership and management, must be a High Performer if you want to begin scaling up quickly and without incident.

You can now access the Topgrading approach, which is thought to be the most effective hiring method on the world, in the form of an interactive Master Business Course thanks to a partnership between Dr. Brad Smart and Growth Institute.

This 7-week Topgrading 2022 Course is specially designed to help you make all the right decisions in your search for the best people at key roles in your organization.

Who is Brad Smart

I’m Brad Smart, founder of Topgrading. My job is to be your instructor, to guide you through this Topgrading 2.0 Master Business so you learn the methods that will enable you to double or triple your hiring success.

I taught Jack Welch and Larry Bossidy how to pick the best talent available at all compensation levels, and you can learn how too. By the time you complete the Course, you too
will be on your way to becoming a Topgrader!

What others saying about… Topgrading Master Business?

  1. Nothing has contributed more to the success of our business than Topgrading. As long as we have our business, it will be our culture.
  2. Having the appropriate players on the pitch is more important than anything else for success. Without amazing people to use them, all the brilliant tactics and cutting-edge technologies in the world aren’t nearly as effective. Brad created the techniques to aid us in choosing the best manufacturers.
  3. Topgrading assisted us in raising $50 million more than the prior year in the fight against heart disease and stroke. Topgrading has prevented fatalities.

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