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Magick Altman – Journey Through the Sacred Tarot



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Journey Through the Sacred Tarot give an fascinating new resource for working with symbols and archetypal energies, validating your intuition, and guiding you in your life journey. This ancient tool for self-reflection and divination holds the wisdom you need to connect with your true nature and manifest your soul’s purpose.

Those who know the Tarot intimately see it as a wise companion that reveals and validates the soul’s “lessons” and desires and reflects exciting possibilities for our live. The greatest depth psychologist of our time Carl Jung, recognized the healing, transformative symbolic language of the Tarot. He saw the cards as an excellent resource for self-reflection, a gateway to the collective unconscious, and a tool for spiritual awakening.

Who is Magick Altman?

Magick Altman is currently working as an author, teacher, and Tarot card reader who’s well-versed in Kabbalah, numerology, astrology, and Jungian archetypes. Down-to-earth and compassionate, she takes a light-hearted approach which contains insights, anecdotes, and ways to work with challenges. She employs her highly developed intuition in order to weave together a life story and disclose the current lessons. Thousands of people have received the guidance they need in the fields of work, relationships, home, travel, health, and spiritual growth.

Magick teaches, writes, and reads the Tarot at events and festivals throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Her book, Magick Tarot: A Journey of Self-Realization, draws back the curtain of our personal stories, revealing all the actions, characters and emotions which spotlight our life lessons and how to grow into our full potential.

Journey Through the Sacred Tarot with Magick Altman

Module 1: Meet the Majors – Your Spiritual & Earthly Family

You will evolve from birth to maturity naturally, as the cards expose and validate your soul’s wisdom, and you detect the steps you need to take towards greater self-discovery.

in first 3 sessions, you will have chance to meet the Major Arcana who will conduct you to and through the realm of self-realization. You will track the stages of the journey as they uncover sequentially in the deck, allowing each card to guide your next step.

Session 1: Starting Your Journey
The Fool reminds us that everything is possible right now. There are no limitations (only those that are self-imposed). Like the Fool, who’s bursting with enthusiasm for the adventure itself, we have our dreams and imagination. And at a soul level, we all accommodate this free spirit, which will keep appearing on our journey through the cards, urging us to take the next leap of faith.

Session 2:  Introduction to the Realm of Earthly Reality

This underlying concepts and potential lessons of the material world such as Justice or Adjustment – await. You will open to your adult years, discovering the cards to find your footing in the world.

On this leg of the journey, you are faced with choices, responsibilities, and possibilities – without constant guidance and direction from family and community… It’s a time when anything can happen!

Session 3: Discovering the Self-Realization’s Realm

At this point on your journey through the cards, you will make your first encounter with your shadow, because the Devil Card tempts you with your addictive patterns, and the Tower Card plays on your shadow aspects of fear and doubt.

Module 2: Meet the Characters (the Court Cards) – Aspects of Yourself & People in Your Life

You will be the director and 16 characters are playing the lead role. These characters, depicted in the Court Cards, are called Queens, Knights, Princes, and Princesses (names may alter in different decks), and help illuminate aspects of yourself and the people in your life.

In this module, you will explore how to navigate your archetypal journey by better understanding your personality traits with the help of the character cards. You’ll become aware of how your personality serves and, perhaps, limits your potential. You’ll also explore how everyone you meet is — on some level — a reflection of yourself, and how instead of reacting to the “reflections” that trigger you, you can instead ask, “What is the lesson here?”

Module 3: Meet the Minors – Revealing the Emotions, Challenges & Gifts in Your Life

Over the next two sessions, you’ll explore how to connect to the 40 cards of the Minor Arcana through the lenses of mythology, symbology, astrology, and numerology to understand how each of the suits — Swords, Wands, Cups, and Disks (or Pentacles) — are also the elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth… and how they can be used to help you advance in your journey.
Viewing the Minor cards through these lenses opens you to guidance and archetypal energies for powerful manifestation… from taking an idea to fruition to carrying an initial emotion, such as attraction, into a loving, healthy relationship. These cards offer a broad range of specific directives to use at this point in your journey that can help you with any challenge or opportunity that arises.

Session 5: Minors Through Numerology

Numbers show us how creation is manifested through geometric progression. For example, first there a vision for building our dream home (one); next we must consider what architect might best reflect our idea (two); then, in partnership, we begin to synthesize a plan (three).

Using the Minor Cards, you’ll discover how you move through all ten stages of this geometric progression — from seed to fruition — to create your life every day.

Session 6: Minors Through Astrology

Astrology has been used as a lens throughout time to carry cultural stories of human history. This week, we’ll explore how the numbered cards — Court Cards and their Zodiac signs — have astrological aspects and how they can help you in your relationships with others… and with yourself.

Knowing the Zodiac signs of the people in your life can help you avoid the pitfalls of reactivity. For example, a Gemini is a great thinker and communicator, but if you want something to get done you might need one of the earth signs like Taurus for the job. Or, if you want to explore a vision for the future, find an Aquarian to share your ideas with. Need a heart-to-heart? A water sign, like Pisces, will have that innate skill.

Module 4: How to Do a Reading – The Tarot as a Self-Empowering Companion for Your Life

Now you are ready to learn how to do a Tarot reading… end of this session, you will understand how to tell the story of others’ lives through the classic ten card Celtic Cross Layout.

This layout starts by pulling a card that shows your direction and concentration right away. Then it discloses what’s going on in your conscious and unconscious mind. then, you look at what you need to remember from your past. after that, you step into the realm of possibilities, where you’re headed, how that’s manifesting within you, in your environment, and through the people around you. And finally, you’ll face your hopes and fears… to arrive at a probable outcome depicted by card 10 in the reading.

Bonus Collection

  • A Journey of Self-Realization Ebook with Magick Tarot
  • Explore Your Tarot Archetypes Video Dialogue
  • How to Do Your Birthday Reading Video Teaching
  • Energetic Connection of The Cards With the Kabbalah Video Teaching

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