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Ingrid Arna – Million Dollar Diva



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Million Dollar Diva will teach you to reprogram, retrain and reparent your brain with heaps of juicy and activating self-love.. This is a sacred container to heal, ascend and receive divine compensation, pleasure, love radiance and security.  It’s about birthing a rapid divine femme healing ascension on the planet, so that we can rise collectively and change our lives and the world around us. This DIVA course is unlike any other money program on the planet which gives a sacred healing vortex with healings every week. That will allow you to continually publish the karmic baggage that has been poisoning your ability to hold financial, personal and physical abundance. This goes beyond money and to the heart of self-love and rapid holy divine sacred transformation.

Who is Ingrid Arna?

Ingrid Arna is specialist in digital marketing industry. Referred to as the Million Dollar Brand Genius and the rainmaker, Ingrid is well- known for her fierce fusion of high-level strategy, copy and messaging, production Growing, and brand IP that produces epic increase and revenue for her clients. Ingrid is also the founder of the Gucci of online business programs 6-Figure Diva and 7-Figure Diva and scaled her business from startup on a shoestring to a multimillion-dollar online education platform as a result. Her experience in corporate advertising, copy conversion, journalism, and TV development coupled with a deep knowledge of mind-body medicine make Ingrid’s approach to business unique and powerful.

Million Dollar Diva with Ingrid Arna

What is goal?

  • Break free from your abusive relationship with money and invite in divine abundance and cash flow.
  • Publish the struggle, ditch the scarcity, and make lucrative money.
  • Hold your desires instead of denying them.
  • Divert from concerning about where money is coming from to magnetizing new clients every single day.
  • Dissolve ancestral wounds and family dramas that keep you trapped from making the money and impact you desire.
  • Release debt, illness, loss, divorce and the experience of failed business from your cells.
  • Remove the blocks that keep sabotaging you from reaching your next level.
  • Grow your money setpoint and dissolve all limits.
  • Own your prices instead of sweating anytime you get on a sales call.

What you will learn?

  • Mother money wound’s Healing
  • Healing the father money wound
  • Healing the sisterhood support wound
  • Moving from hustle to flow
  • Clearing shame around wanting more
  • Expressing yourself fully to magnetize radiant riches
  • Remove self-sabotage so you can be fully seen and heard
  • Eliminate energetic cords and contracts that keep you back
  • Loving yourself to wealth
  • Swapping judgment for joy and money
  • Falling in love with money
  • Be known the truth of who you are
  • Shine and claim abundance by your voice
  • Require for the sale and slaying and hitting glorious pay days

A divine abundance meditation and invocation series

This audio invocation will raise you up for deep, powerful and sacred healing. You’ll never be the same when you remember who you are and reclaim the forgotten, lost and disowned parts of your rich diva soul while you reset, rewire and resurrect your Million Dollar Diva frequency.

Timeless trainings to activate the fearless femme leader within

Being the leader of your lushed-up life takes lady balls, love and pure alignment. With these 3 activating, grounding and stellar trainings from Emily Diamond, our lead strategist, you’ll learn how to skyrocket your consciousness into one of unapologetic femme power, potency and pleasure and create abundance and impact with ease.

Workbook of The Money Miracle Matrix 

Speed up creation and manifesting with this workbook! The guidance will assist you invoke and energetically link to your desires, so you can claim them unapologetically and bring them into your life right away

Meditation of Manifesting Diva Queen

Turn on your money magnet power to attract divine abundance. You’ll be invited to reprogram at a cellular level and align your thoughts and actions with the spiritual laws of divine femme abundance.

Sacred Diva Abundance Prayers and Invocations Collection

These prayers and invocations are nourishing medicine for your soul and bank account! Use them to retrain your mindset and reinforce a new level of abundance in your life. Put them on your phone or print them out – and practice them each day.

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