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Marjorie Fein – Eden Method for a Soul-Driven Career



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Eden Method for a Soul-Driven Career will show you Marjorie Fein tried and true strategies of how to make your ENERGY one of your most powerful allies in creating and/or enriching your career.

Who is Marjorie Fein?

Meet Marjorie Fein “I began my independent career as an energy healer more than twenty years ago. I lacked a website, had no experience with social media, and resided in New York City, where thousands of individuals practiced energy work. I had to give considerable thought to how I would enter the professional world. How can I establish my presence in my field? And what would distinguish me as a practitioner? All the professionals I knew were engaged in the same activities, including advertising and social media. I determined that if I wanted to stand out, I would need to adopt an entirely different strategy. I recall the day I decided to apply to my career the same set of skills I would bring to any client: my caring attention and my ability to move energy.
I desired to determine which of my energies were aligned with my heart’s desires and which were blocked. This investigation led me to investigate some extremely potent tools – the same tools I will share with you in class.

These tools contributed to my growth and success and gave me the confidence that I can shift and grow regardless of what comes my way – and THAT COMPLETELY CHANGED THE GAME.
Today, my life is very different than it was twenty years ago. I now have a successful, full-time practice that supports me financially and inspires me every day.

I have been imparting this knowledge to my clients and students for over two decades. I believe that our work signifies a great deal more than simply how we pay our bills. It is a creative endeavor that benefits humanity. “It is my pleasure to assist others in removing any obstacles that prevent them from having a soul-rocking career like mine.”

Eden Method for a Soul-Driven Career with Marjorie Fein

  • Release money blocks so you can achieve your dream income without guilt or shame.
  • Empower you to make changes you’ve been wanting to make for a long time – even if you feel like it’s too late.
  • Boost your creative thinking and problem-solving skills so you can move past career hurdles that once felt like impossible obstacles.
  • Support yourself every, single day so you can keep moving towards what you want (no matter what else is going on).
  • Learn the secret to freeing yourself from recurring negative experiences so you can begin to attract positive outcomes from your efforts.
  • Unearth hidden stress and tension that keeps you stuck in the same place (and stops you from exploring new horizons.)
  • Change the mindset that “life is all work, no play” so you can have more balance and fun at work (and in your life.)
  • Release old stories or habits that make you shy away from owning your talents and stepping into your dream role or job.

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