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Vanessa Van Edwards – People School Science Of People



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People School Science Of People is a web-based course designed to enhance your interpersonal intelligence. It is designed for high-achievers who wish to earn more money, expand their network, and advance their careers.

Bestselling author and behavioral researcher Vanessa Van Edwards developed the cutting-edge, evidence-based curriculum. The small class sizes at People School ensure that each student has ample time to work with Vanessa and their Science of People advisors.

People School Science Of People with Vanessa Van Edwards

Paying for People School is like making an investment in bettering the quality of your life’s relationships.

Video’s Top 12 Skills

Interesting research, actual case studies, and practice exercises fill each video competency. Every Skill ends with a set of three challenges that Vanessa guides you through to put your newfound knowledge into practice.

The Guidebook

Download a PDF with 150 pages of instructional worksheets and templates right now. A printed, personalized guide will be sent anywhere in the world at no extra cost so you can follow along.

You can take your career to the next level by learning the science of human behavior at People School. We use the most recent findings in the fields of behavioral psychology, neuroeconomics, and corporate communication to create the best soft skills training available.

I’ll show you my tried-and-true method for improving in these areas of interpersonal competence:

  • The steps to taking charge of your social life, speaking up for what you believe in, and building your self-esteem.
  • How to stand out, make connections that last, and expand your professional circle
  • Learn how to sell yourself and your ideas so that others are eager to collaborate with you.
  • How to be more confident and comfortable around new people.
  • Instructions on how to read people’s emotions, gauge their character, and develop your emotional quotient.
  • How to keep conversations going and go deeper than surface level small talk.
  • The secrets to bringing out your natural charisma in any situation.
  • Instructions on how to become a more influential member of your organization and take charge of a group.

Learn how to approach a new group of people with confidence, how to network with people you don’t know, and how to talk to complete strangers as if they’re old friends with this video guide.
Use our formula to get paid what you’re worth and reduce the anxiety of asking for a raise or increasing your rates.
Learn how to build your network from scratch, revitalize an old one, and attract more high-quality connections with the help of this video guide on how to “find your people.”
Video guide to operating a stage – Reducing your anxiety while public speaking will help you become a more confident public speaker and performer.
Here’s a PDF guide on how to take the ideal profile picture for a stellar online introduction.
BONUS Captivate chapter – Get our conversation blueprint swipe file, and Vanessa’s insider resources that jump started her career.
Social exercises download – Practice your new skills and wield them like an expert.
Social meditation audio download – Get in the right mindset before any social event.

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