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Real Estate Matt – Lead Management Mastery 2023



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Lead Management Mastery is Mission Control. Lead management is the last position a real estate investor steps out of in their business. Lead management is the “steering wheel” of a real estate investing business. Acquisitions is the gasoline.

Who is Real Estate Matt?

Matt, who was raised in a small Illinois town, began his career fabricating components for agricultural corporations such as John Deere and Caterpillar at a local machine shop. However, after a few years, mounting debt and meager salary increases compelled him to seek alternative employment opportunities. Before completing his first wholesale transaction successfully in 2005, he invested the remainder of his funds significantly in real estate education. In the current juncture, Matt has established a real estate enterprise worth millions of dollars, successfully concluded tens of thousands of real estate transactions, amassed a significant portfolio of cash-flowing properties, and executed real estate transactions totaling over $85 million over the past three years. Matt has the knowledge necessary to achieve the desired result, whether you are a startup business owner or an established company seeking to expand.

Lead Management Mastery 2023 with Real Estate Matt

Want a real estate business that runs without you?
The magic isn’t what you think it is…
Most investors think finding a good deal is the key to success in real estate investing.
While finding good deals is important…
There are several steps needed to make finding good deals and more importantly SELLING good deals…a simple process.
I’ve found over the years most investors are focused on the wrong things.
They’re pulling on the wrong levers.
Acquisitions (negotiating with sellers) is important…

It’s a crucial step in the process of “finding” a good deal but…

Lead Management is the most important aspect of real estate investing.


Marketing is the engine.

But all that horsepower without a steering wheel is going to land you in a ditch with a crashed car…

If you get lead management right…

Everything else is much, much easier.

But unfortunately…

Most don’t pay much attention to lead management.

It’s usually completely overlooked…

Investors will spend money on marketing with almost no thought or planning on how they will handle the leads that come in.

That’s like throwing money into a pile and lighting it on fire.

Even worse almost none of the “gurus” will ever even bring up “lead management”.

It’s almost like they aren’t doing deals.

It’s just too important not to talk about.

I want you to make more money.

I want you to master lead management so money flows into your business like a waterfall…

Introducing “6 Weeks to Lead Management Mastery”
Here is what you will learn over the next 6 weeks:
Week 1 Marketing Management
—Staff management and onboarding training
—Marketing channels and expectations
—When and how to manage marketing
—Marketing KPI’s and accounting
—Daily Metrics to pay attention to
—When to order new lists
—Weekly operations to control expenses
Week 2 Screening Leads
—Clearly defining good leads
—Screening out bad leads
—Determining proper motivation
—CRM management
—Quick valuations
—Handing off good leads to acquisitions
Week 3 Making Offers
—Running Wholesale comps quickly
—Running retail comps quickly
—Figuring max offer price for wholesale deals
—Fix and flip max offer price calculations
—Using CRM to communicate and save time
—Negotiation tactics and low anchoring
—Setting automatic follow up sequences
—Counteroffer negotiating
Week 4 Accepted Offers
—Verbal offers vs written offers
—Verbal offers conversion to written offers
—Electronic signatures and contracts
—Speed timing training
—Handling contract objections
—Finding photo professionals at a discount price
—Placing lockbox and scheduling pictures
—Pushing contracts to CRM
Week 5 Tracking Deals
—Pending deals spreadsheet template
—Timeline management for inspections
—Timeline management for closings
—How to get extensions when needed
—Dispositions strategy creation
—CRM tracking and misc functionality
Week 6 Dispositions (selling/holding property)
—Determining the least allowable offer
—Email templates to send deals to buyers
—Finding wholesale friendly title companies
—Finding hedge funds and big institutional buyers
—How to properly onboard buyers
—Verifying proof of funds before showing
—Scheduling showings with occupied properties
—Scheduling showing on vacant properties
—Virtual tactics to never leave your house
—Big payday squeeze play
—Negotiating with tough buyers
—How to handle last-minute buyer objections
—Closing the deal and getting paid

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