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Larry Harbolt – Creative Financing System



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Creative Financing System that generates fast cash and long-term income was created to help you understand the way financing of real estate will change over the next few years. Over the next few years some real estate investors will fail and go out of business. And, some will survive but not make the kind of money we all know can be made from real estate and some will flourish and prosper even better than investors did during the boom years. The key will be the financing. Financing has always been the catalyst needed to be able to generate profits. There are many parts necessary to create profitable deals and how the financing was structured on every one of those deals had to be done in a way that allowed the investor to control a piece of real estate until it could be sold and the proceeds of the sale after paying all costs left enough to give the investor a considerable profit.

About Larry Harbolt

Through the years of my real estate investing career Larry have been forced to use creative buying techniques due to lack of money and credit in the early years. All of the creative techniques he learned in the early days were so successful that he have found it extremely difficult to break old habits that work so well.

H started real estate investing career in 1979 in a small town in southwest Michigan, population 800. With six children to feed and unemployed much of the time as a construction worker. He had to constantly deal with three major obstacles to overcome.

He had to learn how to be creative. Some of the best deals he have done were deals he created out of necessity before I actually knew much about creative real estate. This may sound silly but there is a lesson here. This will show you how to buy and finance your deals in creative ways without bank financing.

Creative Financing System with Larry Harbolt

so many kind of stuffs you will receive:

  • 460 Strategies and Paperwork
  • 14 Audio CD’s for Your Listening Convenience – 4 Document CD’s for all your needed paperwork
  • 3 Bonus Books
  • Effective Negotiating 101′ s Psychology
  • Shortcuts to Success
  • How to Deal with Contractors Like a Professional Rehab Pro

What you will explore?

Finding high profitable seller finance deals by using fast cash

  • What to seek for and How to Secure the Best High Profit Properties.
  • How to get your Phone Ringing Off the Hook with inspired Sellers.
  • Proven Letters to Property Owners.
  • Detailed Repair Checklists that will hinder you from under estimating repair costs.
  • Multiple Ways to Create Your Real Estate Wealth TAX FREE.
  • The Essential Ironclad Contractor Agreement To Maximize Your Protection

The Master of Win-Win Money Making Deals Using Seller Financing

  • Four laminated “Quick Study” template that make you an an instant specialist.
  • How to pick out the Money Maker Deals at lightning speed.
  • Stopping the seven costly mistakes all new Investor. (this one you have to know)
  • How to create Massive Profits on Seller Financed Deals You’ve Never Owned.
  • How to rapidly Pre-screen Sellers – Eradicate the Time and Money wasters.
  • The seven essential buying formulas that maximize your profits and keep you safe from doing a bad deal.

Pop up Your Income Training Program & the Million Dollar Paperwork

  • The 7 Strategies to buy All of the Houses You Want Using Seller Financing Even if You Have No Credit, Bad Credit, or don’t want to use your Good Credit.
  • The Complete MILLION DOLLAR step-by-step buying procedures.
  • Structure multiple offers for CASH IN A FLASH and LONG TERM WEALTH.
  • Buying and Selling Contracts and Forms designed to protect you as well as put CASH in your pocket.
  • With How to Filled out Examples – with multiple clauses to keep you Safe!
  • How to sell houses In a Flash by making them easy for your buyers to buy.

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