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Michael Zuber – How to Start One Rental at a Time



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How to Start One Rental at a Time will teach you 5 steps to success with Buy and Hold Rentals from Michael Zuber himself. This is exactly what I did to get started, it is how I learned my market, how I evaluate deals, how I built my team and my personal self assessment at the beginning.

About Michael Zuber

Michael Zuber made decision to stop working a 9-5 job and instead focus on helping people start their own journey, after a journey of 15 Year to Financial Independence.  His first aim for the year is to teach over 1000 on the value of rental properties.

ORAT, LLC stands for One Rental At A Time, and Michael Zuber is the CEO, Author, and Chief Helper. It was grew because too many of his friends and acquaintances would like to get into RE properties. However, they were either absolutely busy or saw too many ventures. As a result, they continue to accumulate capital or, worse, spend it on things that aren’t so sensible, which he now refers to as CRAP, which stands for Cash, Rich, Asset Poor.

How to Start One Rental at a Time with Michael Zuber

Best Selling New Release on Amazon called “One Rental at a Time” has motivated many people to trust and have confidence that they to can get started which is great. But I am currently getting emails or questions everyday that find the answers on How can I get Started or How do I make sure I don’t make a mistake.

What we will do together

  • Before we Get to Work (2:51)
  • Private Facebook Group just for Students (4:10)
  • Where is Your Sample Spreadsheet (2:57)

Learn your Market

  • First Step Get Specific (7:35)
  • Review Output after Getting Specific (27:12)
  • Building Basic Spreadsheet (4:07)
  • The Spreadsheet appears simple but will Evolve as we go (4:58)
  • Wrap up Section One (2:59)

Understanding the Math behind Comparing Deals

  • Intro to Phase 2 The Math and How to Compare Deals (8:51)
  • Review what are Key Variables on Spreadsheet (12:16)
  • Review Spreadsheet in Detail (17:05)
  • Get Comfortable with The Spreadsheet and Variables (12:35)
  • Part Two Close (6:31)

Review Basic Market Data with The Math and See where we are

  • Why I use Yield as the only vehicle to compare properties (6:43)
  • Merge Section 1 and Section 2 (4:55)
  • Review Merged Spreadsheet (10:18)
  • Wrap up of Section 3 (5:52)

Creating a Team, Managing and Keys to Success

  • Section 4 Open (11:14)
  • Property Managers are Key (17:18)
  • Other Team Members (4:53)
  • Section 4 Close (5:04)

Reviewing your Why and Setting up Goals

  • Section 5 Open (3:03)
  • Self Assessment (17:04)
  • The Importance of Your Why (13:33)
  • Wrap Up (4:51)

Deal Architecture

  • Intro to Deal Architecture (4:34)
  • Bank Financing (13:34)
  • BRRRR Private/Hard Money to Permanent Financing (13:35)
  • Owner/Seller Financing (9:03)
  • Wrap Up Deal Architecture (2:57)

Private Money – How to Raise – How to Use

  • My Thoughts on Private Money (24:00)
  • How Jason Uses Private Money (27:25)
  • Review my 6 and 20 Note / Program (8:13)
  • Details of Actual Private Money Deal (8:52)
  • April Crossley: Day she Broke up with Morgan Stanley (16:05
  • April Crossley: Why Private Lenders Love What They Do (20:10)
  • April Crossley: You Found Them Now What (20:29)
  • Bill Allen: Raising Private Money Fast and with Confidence (26:59)
  • Could IRA’s Be a Huge Source Private Money (20:06)
  • Anna Kelley Talks Private Money (38:57)

Seller Financing

  • Intro to Seller/Owner Financing (6:03)
  • Ryan Nickle Part 1 Seller Financing Deep Dive (52:50)
  • Ryan Nickle Part 2 Seller Financing Deep Dive (37:05)
  • Ryan Nickle Part 3 Seller Financing Deep Dive (38:40)
  • CPA Discusses Why Seller Financing is GREAT for Seller (28:43)
  • Seller Financing Deal Review (15 Total Units) (12:55)

Self Management

  • Why Dion Chose to Self Manage (5:23)
  • How Dion Self Manages One Rental at a Time (17:27)
  • Self Management? Day 1-5 of Seeing if it is for you. (Script Attached) (19:56)
  • Self Management Day 6 – 10 Script Walkthrough (16:00)
  • Self Management Day 11 – 15 Script Walkthrough (10:14)
  • Self Management Day 16 – 20 Script Walkthrough (10:21)
  • Self Management Day 21 – 25 Script Walkthrough (10:28)
  • Self Management Day 26 – 30 Script Walkthrough (7:04)

Flipping Properties

  • What to Expect Flipping 101 Video Series (3:48)
  • Flipping 101 Video 1 – 14

Mortgage 101 with Matt the Mortgage Guy

  • Mortgage 101 Introduction (1:52)
  • Finding a Professional (5:20)
  • Getting Pre Approved First (3:26)
  • Setting Goals and Game Plan (4:00)

House Hacking with The Lumberjack Landlord

  • Introducing 4-3-2-1 Strategy to Build Wealth (30:04)
  • Going Next Level with Hackoligist (34:47)

Bonus Videos

  • Bonus Open (0:56)
  • Norris Drive Full Story (10:47)
  • 7 Simple Baby Steps to First Offer (14:36)
  • My 20 Core Competencies (23:10)
  • High Paying Job is a Trap (14:01)
  • Being a Millionaire is the Wrong Goal (9:32)
  • Why Focus on Affordable Housing (9:29)
  • Quotes from Successful Investors meant as Motivation (15:31)
  • You Must Understand Quality Differences of Listings (14:41)
  • Live Boot Camp Presentation (Jim Ingersoll) (61:50)
  • Understanding the keys to BRRRR successfully (53:00)
  • From Humble Beginnings (46:13)
  • SR: How to pick an Area to Focus on when you Never been to City (6:39)
  • SR: How to Handle Negotiations (9:07)
  • SR Share your Private Money Strategy and Sample Note (5:30)
  • SR Credibility Package (7:24)
  • SR When do I support a Cash Out Refi (Remember Never Buy or Create Alligator Properties) (5:39)
  • Practice Being a Landlord with 30 Day Trial (3:08)
  • Real Estate Slowdown Bingo (10 Metrics to Track) (6:59)

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