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Michael Elefante – Airbnb Investor Academy



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Airbnb Investor Academy is to get investment analysis templates, rental arbitrage cash flow analysis. Rental arbitrage landlord cheat sheet, custom messaging templates, furnishing and budgeting templates, revenue tracking sheet, and many more items!

Offer to burden some of the maintenance costs yourself as they arise (I don’t recommend this, because you don’t own the property and therefore shouldn’t be paying for maintenance on issues related to the house/property itself. You could offer to pay for lawn care. If you have the budget for it and it’s an apartment complex, offer to rent more than one unit. Maybe 2-3+ if it’s within your budget. If the landlord can fill that many leases that quickly, that’s important to them! Just remember… Not everyone is going to say yes. In fact, most will say say no. 

Corporate Lease and LLC

You’ll need to set up a basic LLC. You can do this online through something like Legal Zoom or another online provider. I personally recommend going through a lawyer who has experience in real estate. They can also help review your canned corporate lease you get online and tweak it for you, or if the landlord provides their own, they can help review with you. The LLC fee won’t be more than a few hundred dollars in most states and it is 100% worth the protection.
Once you establish your LLC. this is the number and document that you’ll take to the local bank and open up a business account. This is where I suggest having your revenue paid out from Airbnb/VRBO, and all your expenses flow through. At the end of each month, I personally just write myself a check or transfer money to my personal checking account. I leave in some reserves in the account. Obviously, the more properties you have, I would bump up your reserves slightly each time. Having a LLC established makes you look 100% official to the landlord/property owners you speak with. And technically, a corporate lease is leasing to a company, so it makes sense to have one set up. For your corporate lease – you can find many canned and downloadable corporate lease agreements online. I would suggest, first asking the landlord if they have operating on a corporate lease before and if yes, ask to see their corporate lease agreement for your review. Alternatively you can offer to bring the lease to the table for both parties to review and make changes to, before signing. If you work with a lawyer on your LLC.  Lease is good to go Michael Elefante Airbnb Investor Academy free course

Airbnb Investor Academy with Michael Elefante

Michael Elefante is a RE investor and entrepreneur. I am financially free at age 27, just 12 months after making my first ever investment into a short term rental property. I have since scaled to 6 properties that bring in over $80k/month and will cash flow, on average, around $50k/month. My strategy produces above average cash-on-cash returns. I’m also an avid content creator on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Aside from investing, I teach others how to successfully invest in, set up, and manage short term rental properties.

The Fast Path To Financial Freedom

Making investments in short-term rentals for vacation is the fastest route to financial freedom. Cash flow as well as earning potential is much more than the traditional strategies for investing in real estate. Only a handful of properties will make you financially secure.

Why Short Term Vacation Rentals

The potential cash flow for short-term rentals for vacation is much higher than the cash flow that conventional real estate investment generate. Just one, or one, or two properties can generate enough cash flow monthly to allow you to live financially. Through the use of technology and tools for software automation and tools, you don’t need to pay property managers large costs to oversee your properties. You can manage properties from afar, and efficiently manage them.

There are 16 video Airbnb Investor Academy folders that you can discover many thing from strategy, where to invest, taxes, income tracking…. like below. 

Michael Elefante Airbnb Investor Academy
Airbnb Investor Academy with Michael Elefante

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