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J. Massey – Multifamily Mogul Complete Course



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Multifamily Mogul Complete Course will instruct you on everything you need to know to invest in properties with multiple apartments… from locating them to determining whether or not you should pursue a deal with them, determining what kind of offer to make, how to make the offer, and what next steps to take once you have your new properties under contract!

Multifamily Mogul Complete Course with J. Massey

Session #1: Mindset And Metric

In this session, you’ll find out why the way you think is so important to your success. You have to get rid of negativity and stop listening to the negative voices in your head and in other people’s voices. Think that you can do it. That’s the first thing to do. Don’t let fear stop you from taking action as an investor in multi-family properties.

You’ll also learn how to set up daily metrics and stick to them. Setting daily goals and completing specific tasks to earn points will help you improve as an investor over time. In fact, you can keep track of your progress every day, week, and month! With these success metrics, you can earn 40 points a day by doing things like personal development, self-promotion, communication, and more.

Session #2: Numbers Never Lie!

In this session, you’ll learn how to use formulas to figure out how much it costs to run a property and other useful calculations. You learn how important it is to get the right information and how to use it to your advantage in your market.

You learn about hurdle rates and how to figure out if a property is a go or a no-go. If you’ve ever wondered how to choose which market to invest in, this session will answer that question as well. You’ll also learn how to structure your offers and options, what a Letter of Intent (LOI) is and why it’s important to your success, and how to use the Profit Analysis Quadrant.

Session #3: Marketing Tactics And Strategies

This session guides you through a system to generate cashflow and find investors who will lend you money. Playing the Cashflow game is easy. It’s smart business that aligns you with your goals, so play. This session shows you how to invite people, get them excited, talk to them at your game, and more.

Negotiations, marketing, and how to become the local real estate investing expert are also covered. This session has many real-world questions and answers that will help you become a bigger, badder, better real estate investor, especially in multi-family. Great session!

Session #4: The Psychology Of Making Offers

In this session, you will learn the significance of overcoming your fears to make numerous offers. In this session, you will learn the steps involved in the process, as with any endeavor. You will conclude that making offers is a straightforward process. You only need to learn how to properly analyze properties and determine if you can solve problems. Ultimately, the path to success in real estate investing is problem-solving, not property acquisition.

You will also learn more about the formula that determines whether a deal will be successful or not, as well as J. Massey’s “secret sauce” for negotiating terms. In addition, you’ll receive a tour of the Quick Offer Kit’s contents and learn how to use those crucial five sheets of paper in your offers!

Session #5: Put Yourself On A Points System To Win-Win!

This session focuses on the purchasing procedure in greater depth. You learn that a points system is a good way to increase your number of transactions. This course uses a proven 40-point system in which you earn a certain number of points per day for various actions. This concept was introduced in a previous session, but you will delve much deeper into it in this session.

You will also learn more about various markets and how to analyze them, how to pull REIS Reports, how to gather information about properties and sellers, and how to avoid money-losing red flags and pitfalls.

Session #6: The Rules Of Investor Engagement

You learn investor communication rules and how to build rapport. These skills are essential for multi-family real estate investors. You’ll need to attract investors to your deals. Talking to lots of strangers is unavoidable. This session teaches that.

You’ll learn new terms like why you want to be a PIG, what “white boxing” is and the seven steps involved, why you need five exposures a day, why hitting 40 points a day is so important to your success as an investor and entrepreneur, why you need to get comfortable asking for referrals, and what the success cycle means to you.

Session #7: Constructing The Deal Is Easy With The P.A.Q.

This session covers deal construction and how to use the Profit Analysis QuadrantTM to avoid giving up too much in transactions. Most importantly, you will learn how to use the Profit Analysis Quadrant to find opportunities and build inventory using your numbers. This session will show you that the numbers must work regardless of how you source inventory.

You will also learn about appreciation and the types of appreciation you can control, when to use the depreciation quadrant and why, how to use the amortization quadrant in certain deals, why you should look for problems rather than properties, and more. This session will teach you how to make deals win-win.

Session #8: A Deeper Look At Using The P.A.Q.

This session focuses on Quadrant 3 (Amortization) and how to combine quadrants for higher returns. Real-world deals and their reasons are shown.

This session teaches you how to calculate Quadrant 3 deals with math. You learn a formula and how to sell investors on working with you in Q3. This session is rich in learning from former Mastermind Group members.

Session #9: Creating Cashflow, Cashflow, Cashflow

In this lesson, you’ll learn all about Quadrant 4 of the Profit Analysis QuadrantTM and how it can help you maximize your cash flow as a real estate investor. You will gain an understanding of advanced concepts used by professional investors, such as inverted amortization tables.

You will leave this session prepared to discuss your business plan with investors thanks to the practical examples used throughout. In this session, you’ll learn what due diligence is and why understanding your market is crucial for growing your business’s revenue.

Session #10: The Business Of Investing In Multi-Family Properties

Given the breadth of information presented, you may find it useful to watch this presentation more than once. There is a good chance that this session will cover the questions you have been most concerned with up to this point in the course. You’ll come away from the course with a solid grounding in the various ways to structure deals and the rationale behind doing so for various asset classes and investors.

Session #11: Finding The Right Property Manager(S) And Insurance

This session will walk you through the steps involved in qualifying property managers. This session will teach you how to set standards for operating procedures, management principles, and how to improve properties. You will understand how to effectively communicate with your property manager because you will understand how to choose the right one for the job in the first place! You’ll also learn the hiring manager’s dos and don’ts. This is a very educational session.

You’ll also learn about insurance and why you need it. This session will cover everything from rating insurance companies to selecting the best one for your properties. You’ll also learn how to file claims and why you should use more than one insurance company. You can expect problems with your properties when dealing with multi-family investing. These events will not break the bank if you have the right insurance in place, and they may even benefit you in the long run. That’s just one of the gold nuggets in this session.

Session #12: Conversations, Contracts And A Call To Action!!

This session serves as a review of everything you’ve learned so far in the course. You will hear a few final questions from participants in the live Mastermind Group that provided the material for this course. Much of the discussion revolves around how to apply the P.A.Q. in various real-world situations.

As an added bonus, you will learn more about creating a good contract and what points should be included in the document. You will leave this session with a complete understanding of what it takes to be successful investing in multi-family properties and where it all begins and ends, which is a lot of conversations!

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