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Lance Edwards – Multi-Family Bootcamp



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Multi-Family Bootcamp includes the complete audios from the 2-day intensive bootcamp along with the Handouts, the Scripts, the Templates, the Deal Analysis Sheets and the sample deals that were produced for the event.

Multi-Family Bootcamp with Lance Edwards

  • Module 1: Why MultiFamily?
  • Module 2: How to Figure Out The Value of Any Complex In 10 Minutes or Less
  • Module 3: Fundng Deals with NONE of Your Own Cash
  • Module 4: Finding Deals
  • Module 5: Contracting & Closing
  • Module 6: Property Management Secrets
  • Support Materials, Templates & Scripts

You will discover the various ways to monetize your multifamily deal flow:

– Discover how to wholesale apartment deals for fast cash

  • Learn how to relocate and flip apartments. deals for huge profits
  • Learn how to invest in real estate for long-term wealth. You can be either an active or passive participant. For instance, I currently have Buyers who are willing to give 10% equity to a birddog for merely bringing a deal to the table.)
  • Learn how to conduct all of your business transactions without using any of your own cash or credit. (Background: Ben, I have developed a four-step formula for raising private capital based on my research into buying businesses without using your own cash or credit. Most people are unaware that there are four parts, let alone what they are. If you do not apply all four components of the formula, your chances of success are significantly diminished. When you exercise all four parts, however, the money part becomes incredibly simple.

You will learn where to look for money sources and how to structure and package your deals for a good return for your private investors and for yourself. (And Ben, I’m not referring to luncheons with doctors and dentists; I’m referring to raising private funds privately.) You are aware that for most people, the fear of public speaking is greater than the fear of death. Why then design a system that requires you to confront your greatest phobia? I have never raised money in front of a group. In fact, if you engage in such conduct improperly, the SEC may contact you. All of my personal funds are raised privately. I once raised $1,200,000 from a single classified ad. This is the procedure to follow if you wish to raise $10,000.

You will discover how to create what I refer to as “Better than Risk-FREE Deals” for your private investors, so that they are attracted to doing business with you.

In addition, you will discover:

– Methods to increase your equity

– Finding and managing property managers. I will demonstrate the systems we employ to maintain occupancy rates above the national average. I will show you how to be as knowledgeable as your property manager so that you can manage your property managers. Because you will, indeed, employ others to handle the tenants and the toilets, you will be the one instructing the property manager on how to generate wealth for you with the asset.

Now I understand that success comes to those who act decisively. And because I want you to succeed in this endeavor, you will receive over $1500 in bonuses if you sign up now.

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