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Andrey Polston – Pixel Prospecting Method



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Pixel Prospecting Method is a Cannabis, CBD, Alcohol brands use Prospecting, Pixels & Retargeting with programmatic advertising to engage consumers throughout sales funnel

What is Prospecting?

Prospecting is the easy method of serving ads to consumers who haven’t necessarily interacted with your brand before. While not itself retargeting, prospecting ads to potential consumers is important to expand your audience and grow actionable awareness. It’s also a necessary first step in any retargeting strategy, as it helps determine the best leads on whom to concentrate your retargeting efforts.

On the contrary, retargeting is a comprehensive audience building plan that serves ads to consumers who’ve already engaged with your product through website visits, email opens, searches, and any other way. It uses programming code called pixels to track the web activity of users after they’ve interacted with you, letting you give additional ads to the user and reminisce about your brand. That’s the gist, but let’s take a journey down the funnel and take a look at all the moving parts.

Pixel Prospecting Method with Andrey Polston

There are 36 step by step methods to further understand the Pixel Prospecting with the best resources for RE agents that provide deeply training including guides, complete swipe files, and the proven results of my marketing lab.

  • Pixel Prospecting 3.0 Reboot Training
  • PPM | Listing Launch Plan


PPM TOF Overview

PPM TOF 1-Page Plan

  1. Setup Business Page on Facebook
  2. Setup Calendly (Fast Track Call)
  3. Record Video #1
  4.  Upgrade FB Ads Manager to Business Manager
  5. Upload Video #1 to FB Business Page
  6.  Record “Book Now” Confirmation Video
  7. Upload “Book Now” Video to Wistia
  8. Create Schedule Page
  9. Purchase Domain
  10. Domain’s Point
  11. Launch V.V.A. for Video #1
  12. Generate Custom Pixeled Audience #1
  13. Produce Custom Pixeled Audience #2
  14. Seller Checklist of Brand Home
  15. Record Video #2
  16. Authority Amplifier #1
  17. Mini-Webinar #1 Recording
  18. Upload AA & Mini-Webinar to Wistia
  19. Checklist Invite Video Recording
  20. Setup 3-Step Funnel (Opt-In -> A.A. -> Schedule)
  21. Buy Domain and Point to 3-Step Funnel
  22. Modify 5-Part Follow Up Sequence (HSC)
  23. Setup Home Selling Score Walk-Thru Calendly Event
  24. Record Home Selling Score Walk-Thru Invite Video
  25. Setup 2-Step Funnel (Mini-W -> Schedule)
  26. Add 5-Part Follow Up Sequence to CRM
  27. Setup “Tags / Sources / Flows” in CRM
  28. Connect CRM to 3-Step Funnel
  29. Upload Video #2 to FB Business Page
  30. Launch V.V.A. for Video #2
  31. Add Video #2 to 28 Day & 365 Day Pixels
  32. Record Video #3
  33. Buy Domain & Point to 2-Step Mini-Webinar Funnel
  34. Upload Video #3 to FB Business Page
  35. Launch V.V.A. for Video #3
  36. Add Video #3 to 28 Day & 365 Day Pixels

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