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Allison Ostrander – Profit Recycling Reimagined 2023 (Elite Package)



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Profit Recycling Reimagined will explain in detail how Allison Ostrander has been able to minimize risk, sidestep the “Pattern Day Trading Rule,” and profit from erratic price movements from both an intraday and swing trading vantage point. She also discussed what to do when market volatility disappears and how to potentially turn a losing trade into a winning one during this session.

Who is ALLISON OSTRANDER -Simpler Trading?

In her role at Simpler Trading, Allison oversees the company’s risk tolerance. Her videos and blog posts effectively convey her extensive experience in trading and in instructing others. Because of her father’s financial success, Allison is considering a career in trading. She was so successful after she learned the ropes that she made back the cost of her trading education with her very first trade. There was no turning back after that. Now, more than a decade later, Allison is an indispensable member of the Simpler Trading team, where she is able to hone her trading skills and teach others about options trading. Even seasoned investors can understand Allison’s explanations of advanced trading strategies and chart patterns. Any investor can benefit from her fresh take on Capital Risk Management, the Chart, and the Option Chain.

Profit Recycling Reimagined 2023 (Elite Package) with Allison Ostrander

What’s included in Elite Package:

  • Profit Recycling Reimagined Class
  • Bonus: Options Chain Class
  • Divergent Bars Indicator
  • Compound Breakout Tool
  • 4 Days Recorded Live Trading
  • 3 Days Recorded Q&A Sessions

Options Chain Class

The options chain is critical for lasting options trading success and yet most traders don’t really understand how powerful it can be when used correctly. Mastering the options chain is one of Allison’s biggest advantages. So, she created this exclusive pre-recorded training for traders who want to quickly and easily learn how she uses the options chain to identify her favorite setups without guesswork or confusion.

Divergent Bar Indicator

The Divergent Bar identifies if a trader will see a potential higher high or lower low within the next three bars. On a Daily Chart, this means seeing a higher high and lower low within the next 3 days. This signal is great to take on short-term trades you may only hold overnight.

Compound Breakout Tool

The Compound Breakout Tool identifies Allison Ostrander’s compound breakout pattern with her custom blend of range, momentum, and trend tools. It’s designed to reveal high-probability continuation setups in up or down markets — especially in volatile conditions.

3 Office Hours Sessions

These 3 office hours sessions are a set of times that Allison set aside so you can come in and ask questions or discuss your progress with the strategy. These are thoughtfully placed after live trading ends so you have an extended amount of time to work with the strategy in the markets before coming back to the office hours. Bring any questions you may have, and Allison will do her best to answer them all!

Recorded Live Trading

Watch Allison trade in 4 pre-recorded trading Sessions as she targets wild swings both from an intraday and swing perspective. Plus, if the opportunity presents itself during these sessions, she can show you how her Profit Recycling Reimagined strategy works when volatility leaves the market. These 4 sessions offer an opportunity to see how Allison analyzes the market and sets up her trades step-by-step. That means if any setups form, you’ll get to see exactly how she executes entries and exits as well. As always, any trades Allison takes are real and NOT hypothetical.

Profit Recycling Mastery

There’s nothing like live trading, which is why with every package, we’ve included some time inside Allison’s Profit Recycling Mastery. As a Mastery member, it’s possible to follow Allison’s “Profit Recycling” setups in real-time. Plus, members get to attend a Q&A and join in for multiple live trading days each month along with having exclusive access to a trade spreadsheet. Once your complimentary time is up, the Mastery will renew at the quarterly rate.

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