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Ted Thomas – Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Deed Complete Training System



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Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Deed Complete Training System are available to students in the United States, Canada, and other continents. Those who adhere to his successful program of investing in secured government Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds have made millions. This is the genuine article, a program that works for both amateur and expert investors. This system of Government Auctioned Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds has existed for centuries. Ted Thomas made the process simple and accessible for the average investor. Ted’s training provides his students with a competitive advantage over other investors as a result of the knowledge and insight that he and his instructors impart.

Who is Ted Thomas?

Ted Thomas is an educator, publisher, and author from Florida. Thomas publishes and has written more than thirty books. His Real Estate guides have sold in all four corners of the globe.

Thousands of clients have carefully evaluated Ted Thomas’s program and chosen to associate themselves with the industry leader. The Home Study Materials created by Thomas are international best-sellers that attract customers from Europe and South America.

After observing his parents work hard their entire lives and pass away nearly penniless, Thomas decided it was time to devote himself to finding an investment strategy that would help senior citizens and young people avoid the embarrassment of being impoverished.

Ted has visited thirty states and hundreds of counties during his two years of research and travel. Countless government officials, county treasurers, and real estate investors have been interviewed by him. This effort has produced the most comprehensive program for low-risk, high-yield returns in the United States. These discoveries are government programs that yield up to 25 percent interest and are nearly hidden. Surprisingly, these government-sponsored programs have remained virtually unknown for decades.

Ted has created comprehensive training programs that demonstrate in detail how to profit from tax lien certificates and tax deeds. He is the pioneer in teaching this material and has done so for more than three decades. Due to Ted’s commitment to educating others about this low-risk, high-return investment strategy, the secret is spreading. In fact, more and more people are teaching this material on the internet.

Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Deed Complete Training System with Ted Thomas

If you wanted to find a single, one stop source, all under one roof, proven, accurate, original Tax Lien Certificate & Tax Deed Online & Offline that will protect your money and insulate you from recession and wildly fluctuating economy…You have come to the right place.

The Exciting Opportunities In Tax Lien Investing Today

Investing in tax liens began in the United States soon after the country was established. A tax lien is simply an obligation that the local government (county, city or other local taxing authority) places on real estate if the local property taxes are not paid. A tax lien investor buys a tax line certificate from that local government for the amount of the delinquent taxes, giving the investor a return of all of the original investment plus interest when the delinquent taxes and interest are ultimately paid on the property. If those delinquent taxes are not paid the tax lien investor has a lien on the property that allows that investor, after a legal process regulated by State law is executed, to gain ownership of that property.

Investing in tax liens results in either the full return of your initial investment plus interest, or the acquisition of the property at the cost of the unpaid taxes and fees. In conclusion, every property is subject to property tax, which must be paid annually at a minimum. If the property owner fails to pay the property tax, the county sells a tax lien certificate to any investor willing to pay the tax.

Depending on the state in which you invest, tax lien investing is one of the safest, most secure, and predictable investments available in the United States today and can yield an interest rate of up to 36%. Tax lien certificates are available to foreign investors from Canada, Europe, and virtually everywhere else in the world. The key to investing successfully in tax liens is to only purchase tax lien certificates on properties whose underlying properties have a significantly higher value than the tax lien certificate. Consequently, if your objective is to generate a high passive income yield, there is a 95% or greater chance that the property owner will pay the taxes and not lose the property to you for unpaid taxes alone; you will receive your entire investment back plus interest.

The most comprehensive course on tax lien certificates and tax deeds, comprising ten DVDs and four manuals. Teaches everything there is to know about tax lien certificates and tax deeds.

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