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Aiman Almansoori – Trading Terminal – Blueprint to Extreme Reversals



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Blueprint to Extreme Reversals, Top and bottom reversals based on overbought and oversold conditions will be taught to you. The importance of Top and Bottom Reversals lies in their ability to identify precise price peaks and valleys. This strategy is distinguished from many others by its extremely tight stop losses, which enable you to enter the trade with a greater leverage and consequently a greater potential return in relation to the modest risk assumed.

Who is Aiman Almansoori?

Senior trader at the proprietary trading firm Peak Capital Trading is Dr. Aiman Al-mansoori. Aiman joined Peak Capital Trading in 2021, having commenced his trading employment in 2017. Aiman has provided mentoring to more than one hundred active traders, many of whom have achieved consistent profitability. Aiman currently works closely with Peak Capital Trading candidates to aid them in defining their edge and trading style as a full-time trader at the prop firm. He imparts to his mentees and a select group of traders from Peak Capital Trading the proprietary trading strategies he has devised, which were previously restricted to those enrolled in his courses at the Trading Terminal Academy.

Blueprint to Extreme Reversals with  Aiman Almansoori – Trading Terminal

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field. Some of the benefits of our trainings are:

  •  A detailed description of Parabolic Reversals
  •  A comprehensive review of Top and Bottom Reversals
  •  Complete entry analysis for opening a position
  •  A thorough explanation of various potential stop loss placements
  •  Solid understanding of trade management

Course Lessons

Lesson 01
Introduction 05:44

Lesson 02
Basic Knowledge
Class 1: Video Lecture 11:56

Lesson  03
Three Important Confirmations Before Trading Reversals
Class 2: Video Lecture 11:38

Lesson 04
The Right Direction
Class 3: Video Lecture 08:00

Lesson 05
Different Reversal Scenarios
Class 4: Video Lecture 14:31

Lesson 06
Different Approaches
Class 5: Video Lecture 11:27

Lesson 07
Entry Criteria
Class 6: Video Lecture 16:12

Lesson  08
Trade Management
Class 7: Video Lecture 13:22

Lesson 09
Finding Potential Trades + Homework
Class 9: Video Lecture 10:27

Lesson  10
Private Mentoring Lesson: Reviewing the Homework
Class 10: Video Lecture 39:37

Lesson  11
The Right Thought Process When Trading Reversals
Class 11: Video Lecture 12:25
Roadmap 1 Page

Lesson 12
Reversals Using Higher Time Frames: The Safe Approach
Lesson Class 12: Video Lecture 18:57

It provides a great overview of the trading strategies used by professional traders and explains the significance of Top and Bottom Reversals.

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