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Cash Flow System – Global Publishing contains everything she needed to pull off this deal, including forms, agreements and scripts for every type of seller and buyer.

Have you considered buying and selling real estate but been unsure of how to get started?

So, you’re so busy making ends meet that you have no time to make real money, right?Can you retire on what you have set aside, if any, and live comfortably while not depending on the government to be there if you need them?

If you don’t like your answers, this report will show you how I extract over $50,000 a month from nice homes in beautiful neighborhoods needing no repairs and using none of my own money or credit.

I also don’t need a real estate license or to interact with banks, lenders, or Realtors® because I don’t engage in things like buying foreclosed properties, conducting short sales, renovating houses, borrowing money, or making use of my credit in any way. And I spend less than six hours a month running the entire business while owning several other businesses simultaneously.

Who is Ron LeGrand?

Ron is the world’s leading expert in quick turning residential real estate. Over the past 37 years, Ron has bought and sold over 3,000 single-  family homes, and still does 2-4 every month now on auto-pilot with less than 2 hours a week of his time. He tells it like it is, and those who follow his system make a lot of money, some become millionaires. He shows people the real business of buying and selling real estate with little or no money or credit and how to build a fortune quickly with his time-tested, proven and trademarked techniques.

Cash Flow System – Global Publishing with Ron LeGrand

You will receive 3 courses below:

  • Pretty House Terms Course
  • Flipping Ugly Houses Fast Course
  • Rehabbing Ron’s Way Course

In the Pretty House Business, there are three main forms of income.

First, A down payment or option deposit that is non-refundable in the case of a lease-purchase transaction or owner financing. You can get a minimum of $10,000 and have it in your hands within two to three business days after accepting a tenant buyer.

Second, the difference between your rent or payment and your payment is often at least one month’s worth of your income for many deals. Prices for these high-end residences can be anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 monthly.

The profit at the end of the transaction, or the backend, is the sum total of the amounts your buyer owes you minus the amounts you owe the seller. This could be a negligible amount or a sizable one.

Our ideal deal would involve all three streams of revenue, but as you’re about to see, sometimes we have to settle for less. Our revenue streams will be based on the numbers and the requirements of the vendor. The majority of the work can be delegated to virtual assistants, and the rest can be simplified with the help of scripts.

Nothing at all is at stake.

That’s the best argument I can make, and I think I’ve made it. You are now either a participant or a spectator. It won’t make much of a difference to me what you decide. That’s my opinion; what’s yours?

To be clear, you are not facing a life-or-death situation here. Everyone’s safe. In all honesty, it’s a minor choice among many that you’ve made today. The price of $1,997 is probably not going to cause you any major financial hardship, and in my case, it certainly didn’t.

All across America, I’m responsible for the creation of multimillionaires, and I intend to keep doing so, with or without your help. This is something I figured out a very long time ago… The arrival of the instructor is contingent upon the readiness of the pupil.

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