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Josiah Grimes – AstroFlipping Acquisitions Academy



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AstroFlipping Acquisitions Academy is to ensure a beautiful way to make money all is done correctly. The investor may attend education course. This outstanding Step by step course teaches students anything they need to know about investing and supports them in comprehending the real estate investing procedure.

Who is Josiah Grimes?

Josiah began career in 2011 as an acquisitions coordinator for Sell Quick For Cash. He founded The Key Investor Group at the same year. Josiah grew raised in Chandler, Arizona, and graduated with a degree in finance from the W.P. Carey School of Business.

He joined The SRL Group as a realtor In 2012. In 2013, he was promoted to become an Operations Manager for Sell Quick For Cash. 2014, he was a certified realtor for My Home Group. In 2015, Grimes became a founding partner of Investments and Atlas Wholesale Homes.

2016, Grimes founded Key Glee, a real estate technology company. Since it’s inception, Key Glee, under the leadership of Grimes, has expanded its operations to cover buying and selling of properties, investments, and franchise options.

In 2018, Grimes founded New Reach Education, an e-learning platform focusing on real estate, investment and financial education. The platform, as of 2022, offers different courses like Josiah Grimes AstroFlipping Acquisitions Academy, Sub to, Flip Foundation, Macro listing, and Fast Track Agent.

AstroFlipping Acquisitions Academy with Josiah Grimes

  • Reducing risk by enlarging visibility and increasing your leads.
  • You can broaden your horizon by utilizing RE agents by promising a correct referral commission and using them as resources.
  • It would render certain transactions successful because you have viewpoints thanks to the continuous flow.
  • You seek to find buyers for a property from all the wholesale individuals in your area, and you apply a small markup to any sale

You will learn 6 weeks of Josiah Grimes course: 1 – Mindset , 2 – Fundamentals, 3 – Acquisitions, 4 – Contracts, 5 – Organization, 6 – Dispositions. In addition, Recorded Team Calls is included

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Josiah Grimes AstroFlipping Acquisitions Academy
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