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Centre of Excellence – Astronomy Diploma Course



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Astronomy Diploma Course is an astronomy beginner course (Centre of Excellence). Before concentrating on analyzing numerous celestial entities and learning about our Solar System and its constituent planets, the sun, and our moon, you will be led through the fundamentals of the topic and how the universe came into being. You’ll learn about the constellations, comets, moons, asteroids, and galaxies as well as how to find and view each of them.

What Will You Learn in Astronomy Diploma?

The Astronomy Diploma Course begins by easing you in with an introduction to the subject itself and a brief look at its history. It outlines the various fields and branches of astronomy and discusses being an amateur astronomer – the equipment to use (and what you can see with the naked eye), what to look at and the free resources that will help you get started.

To navigate the sky, you need to understand how it is measured. This online astronomy course explains the systems used to measure, locate, and calculate distances between celestial objects and how to use a star map.

Where did Astronomy all come from?

The Astronomy Diploma Course free download provides a brief discussion on cosmology and the origin of our universe. It considers the Big Bang and Steady State theories, what occurred before the universe existed, how our Solar System came into being, and theories on how the universe may end.

You’ll explore

  • its structure, and the planets and various other bodies within it. The course details the relationship between the Earth, Sun and our Moon and explains more about each of these bodies individually, along with exploring how time is measured. The course provides information on each of the other planets in the inner solar system (Mercury, Venus, Mars) and the outer solar system (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) and how to observe them, along with discussing the nature of planets and planetary orbit.
  • The Astronomy Diploma Course with Centre of Excellence discusses constellations and asterisms, as well as the composition and phases of stars. The 88 constellations are listed along with their origin, optimal viewing hours, and positions. The ones that are the simplest to find have guides that will make it simpler to view them underlined.
  • The course describes the nature of comets, moons, asteroids, and galaxies (with extra detail about the Milky Way), and provides guidance on how to view them also.

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

Anyone who finds themselves staring at the night sky and wondering what is out there and how it all came to be should take the Astronomy Diploma Course. Stargazers who already know a little about astronomy but want to learn more about it and improve their ability to locate different celestial bodies can also benefit greatly from taking this course.

You can expect to need up to 150 hours to finish this course while working from home. This Centre of excellence course can be completed at your own leisure and without regard to a set completion date.

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