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Jeffrey Yuen – Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine – Part 1



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Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine Part 1: Introduction, Early Chinese Healers, Etiology of Bing-Diseases, Common Ailments, Formative Development of Herbalism, Materia Medica (Ben Cao), Significance of Fang-Prescriptions.

Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine – Part 1 with Jeffrey Yuen

Chinese herbal medicine is an extraordinarily intricate and potent modality. Modern methods for introducing Chinese herbal medicine have been streamlined and simplified, and the Western pharmaceutical model has had a significant impact. However, this was not how herbal medicine was taught historically.

Historically, in order to become a herbalist, one required a much deeper understanding of herbs than simple categorizations or rote memorization. The initial stages of learning involved gaining a deeper comprehension of herbs. The apprentice would gain experience identifying and gathering herbs whenever possible, observing not only the herb itself but also its environment. The apprentice would also consume the various herbs and observe his or her own reactions to them.

While intimate knowledge of each herb was essential, an apprentice spent the majority of their time observing and assisting the master. The apprentice would first observe how herbs interacted in formulas. Similar to how it is impossible to know a person until they interact with others, different qualities of herbs emerge based on their interactions with other herbs. The same holds true for individuals who consume the same herbal combination. The individual is analogous to an additional herb added to the energetic environment created by the combination. Herbal preparation (pao zhi) was another skill simultaneously developed.

This year-long (16-session) program is intended to convey herbal medicine in the most traditional manner possible. According to Jeffrey, “the purpose of this course is to teach herbs in the traditional way…the way I was taught.”

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