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Moy Yat – Bundle – Wing Chun Collection 1



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Wing Chun Collection gives you some of the more common Moy Yat Wing Chun videos at a reasonable price. Eventually, Wing Chun GrandMaster is collection of the entire series.

About Wing Chun

Everything Wing Chun grew organically out of the Wing Chun Archive site as a way to offer you with the best choice of quality Wing Chun products and as a means to fund multiple on-line projects for the betterment of the art of Wing Chun kung-fu.

Mr. Cantrell started training Wing Chun in 1999 and for two years collected all the information that he could on the art, amassing somewhere between 300-400 books and videos on the subject (this was pretty much everything ever made up to that point – the collection later grew to well over 1000 unique titles). The Wing Chun Archive (WCA) was established in Sept 2001 as a personal listing of these books and videos for other collectors to compare by. Due to the high number of emails from collectors looking for the rare items mentioned, he started the Wing Chun Archive store to help collectors grow their collection. This allowed for the expansion of the site to include the now famous listing of sifus and schools.

Bundle – Wing Chun Collection 1 with Moy Yat

There are 10 courses in

  • Chum Kiu
  • Biu Jee
  • Wooden Dummy
  • Chi Sao on the Centerline
  • Ving Tsun Essentials
  • The Look of a Kick
  • Centerline
  • Tsui Ma
  • Reminder
  • Little Details Makes the Differences the Difference

Refund is acceptable:

  • Firstly, item is not as explained
  • Secondly, Wing Chun Collection do not work the way it should.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, support extension can not be used.

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