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Paul Chek – Advanced Swiss Ball Training for Rehabilitation



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Advanced Swiss Ball Training for Rehabilitation demonstrates how to apply biomechanics and kinesiology to Swiss ball assessments and functional training techniques. Paul demonstrates how to use the Swiss Ball for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Using Swiss ball assessments, you will learn how to identify postural problems and instabilities. After completing the course, you will be able to develop corrective exercises based on these assessments, taking into account your client’s condition and training level.

Who is CHEK Institute?

The CHEK Institute provides health, fitness, and wellness professionals with a distinctively integrated and holistic perspective. Whether you want to advance your professional development at home with correspondence courses – both DVD and 100% online – books, audio programs, and DVDs, or you want to attend a live seminar or multi-day training programs, the CHEK Institute is the place to go.

The CHEK Institute’s approach to functional exercise and optimal health was developed by the institute’s founder, Paul Chek, based on his 30 years of clinical practice with clients from all walks of life and his diverse educational background as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Neuromuscular and Sports Massage Therapist. Paul’s methods are truly holistic, viewing the body as a system of systems – a fully integrated unit in which physical, hormonal, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects must be taken into account.

Advanced Swiss Ball Training for Rehabilitation with Paul Chek

CHEK Institute recommendation for Advanced Swiss Ball Training – 8 hours

The time taken to complete this course is dependent on the person it and the reasons they are taking it. Some people who are more interested in learning the information or are interested in taking it as a prerequisite for the CHEK Practitioner Program Level 2 will sometimes watch the videos 2-3 times through. We generally recommend that students who are preparing for CHEK Practitioner Program Level 2 take about one month to study this course, especially if they are working full time.

The current trend in the fitness industry is moving away from machine-based, bodybuilding programs and towards functional training. is trend introduced two important changes to the industry.

1. Many new training tools
2. A change in the role of the fitness professional

As the end of the machine era approaches, we see gyms and fitness studios becoming stocked with a variety of new and old training tools. Free-weights and medicine balls are becoming popular again and are joined in the gym by other items such as wobble boards, foam rollers, the Fitter and Tornado Balls. e Swiss ball, which has been used by physical therapists since the 1960’s, has also made its way into the fitness industry as an effective functional training modality.

The popularity of the Swiss ball has added a new dimension to functional training. Like free-weights, Swiss balls can be used for numerous exercises, making them versatile pieces of equipment. One of the unique features of the Swiss ball is the unstable training environment it creates, thus providing high levels of nervous system activation. By challenging the nervous system during training, athletes will be better prepared for demanding sports situations, and the average user will be ready for those unexpected events in daily life that could lead to injury.

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