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Kelly Starrett and Travis Jewett – Training The Injured Athlete



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Kelly Starrett – Training The Injured Athlete

This Kelly Starrett and Travis Jewett Training The Injured Athlete course are about common injuries athletes may sustain during their time in training. The aim is to empower the coach with the tools to take their client from an injury or incident and return to their sport of choice.

In rehabilitative settings, people are not doing strength and conditioning. They’re typically not challenged enough to make meaningful changes. This course provides a framework to help a coach understand what the basic principles are around loading and progressing athletes with musculoskeletal incidents and injuries.

How do “Travis Jewett – Training The Injured Athlete” help you?

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Positional restoration is key when working with musculoskeletal issues. You need to understand what is considered normative range of motion for a joint system. And how those ranges are related to the basic positions of strength training. As positional restoration progresses, you will learn how to challenge the capacity of each position with isometrics, load, speed, coordination, and cardiorespiratory demand. In this course, you will begin to see the relationship between full range of motion and the archetypes of strength training so you can easily spot compensations and make better decisions about exercise selection to achieve better outcomes for the athlete.

  • You may be surprised to find there are only so many ways to work with an injured athlete no matter what their ailment. The Training The Injured Athlete course will help you decide the right time to use each one.
  • Real-world programming case studies that help you understand how to handle the most common injuries and surgeries you will most often encounter.
  • A comprehensive encyclopedia with programming guidance for more than 80 injuries and surgeries. That way, you’ll be able to work with an athlete suffering from virtually any issue imaginable.
  • The common vocabulary you need to collaborate on an athlete’s recovery with other medical and fitness professionals.

Who is Kelly Starrett and Travis Jewett ?

Travis Jewett is a chiropractor and strength coach in Phoenix. He has been a member of The Ready State staff for many years and has worked with thousands of athletes and coaches around the world. He loves to lift heavy and pet dogs so if you’re into those things, he’s the guy you know you can trust with your training.

Kingsley is a physical therapist, movement optimist & owner of Evolve to Perform on Long Island. He loves to nerd out on movement, mobility & training that leads active towards finding their Jedi powers.

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Kelly Starrett Training The Injured Athlete
Travis Jewett Training The Injured Athlete
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