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Scientific Stretching is designed to improve flexibility, reduce the risk of injury, and improve overall performance in physical activities. The Art and Science of Flexibility Training is based on the concept of dynamic stretching, which involves using active movements to stretch the muscles. The program includes a variety of exercises and stretches, including dynamic stretching, static stretching, and active stretching. It also includes a series of exercises to improve posture and balance.

Scientific Stretching: The Art and Science of Flexibility Training with Paul Chek

In this highly anticipated comprehensive CHEK Institute Elearning course we explore the in-depth world of stretching for optimal health. But as with all CHEK E-learning courses, this is definitely NOT the usual stretching course. CHEK Practitioners are renowned around the world for their attention to detail and their ability to precisely tailor their programs to their clients needs and abilities.

  1. Understand what stretching offers us for achieving health and well-being; the 1-2-3-4 of stretching.
  2. Learn basic stretch assessments for targeted stretching.
  3. Learn the mental-emotional relationships to body restriction.
  4. Explore the fascial water relationship.
  5. Explore pressure release as a means of improving mobility and flow in the body.

To maximize your learning potential, it is recommended that you complete the course in the following manner:
1. For each lesson, watch the videos and read the section in this manual. You may want to watch the videos several times to clarify points that you may not understand quickly. Make sure you take notes to supplement what is in this course manual.
2. For lessons teaching assessments, stretches and exercises, perform all that you are capable of performing with good form. Repeat this process at least twice – not necessarily on the same day and if possible, also practice them on a willing friend or family member. This will aid with your comprehension of the course, as well as helping you to pass the quiz at the end of the lesson.
3. Some lessons are much longer than others, so take your time and master the material being presented.
4. When you feel ready, take the quiz at the end of each lesson. You will need to score at least 80% in order to pass. The purpose of the quizzes is not to trick you, but to make sure that you are proficient in the areas of knowledge presented. You may need to apply the knowledge you have gained from the lesson to a hypothetical situation in order to answer a question. Some questions have multiple correct answers, so be sure to mark all you think are correct in order to pass. Some are True / False and some require you to fill in the blank with a word or phrase.

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