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Paul Chek – Scientific Shoulder Training



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Scientific Shoulder Training offers a comprehensive, multifaceted approach to optimal shoulder conditioning and shoulder integration with the rest of the body. This correspondence course is an essential addition to your professional development if you are a strength coach, personal trainer, physical therapist, or any other health and fitness professional with an interest in the upper quarter.

Scientific Shoulder Training with Paul Chek

This comprehensive and informative correspondence course guides you through the functional anatomy of the shoulder and teaches you how to design more effective preventative, performance, and corrective exercise programs. This course was created by Paul Chek and is based on the tried-and-true methods he has used over the past 28 years to successfully treat clients with all types of shoulder pain and injury.

  • How the functional anatomy of the upper quarter – shoulder, arm, neck and trunk – interacts.
  • The biomechanical intricacies of stabilization of the shoulder joint.
  • How proper sequencing of movement development as an infant is critical to optimal function of the shoulder joint in adulthood.
  • The success formula for conditioning the shoulder/arm complex.
  • Seventeen assessments for posture and shoulder function
  • Thirteen length-tension assessments
  • Seven comparative range of motion assessments for the shoulder joint
  • The importance of a functional thoracic spine to optimal shoulder health.
  • Correct techniques for resistance training to prevent and reduce the risk of injury to the shoulder complex when lifting weights.
  • Modifications of common exercises to use when working with an injured shoulder.
  • Program design strategies and exercise selection for conditioning the shoulder through all phases of conditioning.

Under the guidance of Paul Chek and physical therapist Suzi Nevell, you will gain a thorough understanding of the interactive anatomy of the shoulder, enabling you to design functional shoulder exercise programs that improve performance, reduce the risk of injury, and prevent chronic shoulder problems. Using the Chek Success Formula, you will learn how to evaluate the shoulder complex, choose the best exercises for each individual client, and design conditioning programs for all phases. In-depth instruction of correct techniques for common shoulder conditioning exercises is provided, along with corrective exercises, mobilizations, and explosive training to enhance exercise programs for patients, clients, and athletes of all levels.

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