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Randy E. Moore – MSK Ultrasound MasterClass



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MSK Ultrasound MasterClass helps sonography students to further understand the basic skills of MSK sonography via ‘Core’ curriculum and then takes your study even deeper through our advanced RMSK Registry Review course. This Complete Path to Learn course consists sonography protocols and techniques along with preparation for the RMSK exam.

MSK Ultrasound MasterClass with Randy E. Moore

The New Standard of Care Musculoskeletal sonography has become the standard of care in physical medicine for diagnostic exam and guided interventions. Ultrasound has the unique and exceptional capability to reveal the current physiologic state of the musculoskeletal anatomy.
Placing the ultrasound probe on the patient immediately displays the entire physiologic spectrum from active inflammation to resolved fibrosis. The pre-requisite to identifying pathology, and utilizing ultrasound for injection guidance, is developing the skill to accurately and efficiently identify normal musculoskeletal anatomy on ultrasound examination.

You will grant access to 3 courses and a digital textbook:

  • Course: MSK Ultrasound Foundations
  • RMSK Registry Review Course
  • The live Scan Demonstrations Course
  • Digital Textbook of Sonography of the Extremities

Normal Sonographic Appearance Bursae

1. A POTENTIAL SPACE, normally not visible (With the exception of the Suprapatellar bursa)

2. Anechoic/black line, less than 2mm thick

3.Surrounded by hyper-echoic peribursal fat

4. If the bursa communicates with the joint, it is compressible ,and fluid is forced into the joint.

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