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John Gibbons – The Vital Glutes & Psoas



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The Vital Glutes & Psoas will help you further understand two of the most neglected areas of the body: the gluteal & psoas muscles. During the course, I will take you on an outstanding journey of enlightenment, teaching you to recognize pain and dysfunctional patterns that may arise from dysfunctions found within the gluteal & psoas muscles.

I truly hope you have enjoyed this online vital glutes & psoas course. If you would like to continue your learning journey, the next course in the online series is a choice from the following courses and these all count (apart from the anatomy course) towards your Bodymaster Method ® Diploma:
1. Pelvis, SIJ & Lumbar Spine Masterclass
2. Kinesiology Taping Masterclass
3. Vital Shoulder Complex Masterclass
4. The Vital Nerves Masterclass
5. Muscle Energy Techniques Course
6. The Vital Cervical Spine Masterclass
7. The Vital Knee Complex Course
8. The Vital Hip Complex
9. Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques
10. Functional Anatomy Course

The Vital Glutes & Psoas with John Gibbons

You will take steps to learn techniques to identify and correct a number of impaired patterns as well as functional gluteal exercises that promote reinstatement.

  • Case Study to link the pelvis to the shoulder
  • Tonic vs Phasic muscles / Outer Core Unit / Myofascial Slings
  • The Gait Cycle & its relationship to upper and lower extremity
  • Functional anatomy of the Gmax, Gmed and Iliopsoas muscles
  • Spinal Mechanics of the Pelvis and Lumbar spine
  • Force and Form Closure
  • Causes of Miss-Firing Gmax and Gmed
  • Disc pathology –L4, L5 and S1 nerve root pathology
  • Malalignment syndrome of the pelvic girdle
  • Gmax & Gmed and their relationship to lower/upper limb pain
  • Case study –Gmed and the link to the opposite QL muscle
  • How the hip joint relates to the gluteal-psoas musculature and back and knee pain

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