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Sifu Neil Rosiak – Online Tai Chi Neigong Course



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Online Tai Chi Neigong Course with Sifu Neil Rosiak

Lesson 1 Get started

Golden Tortoise: Use the correct method and alignment to get the most out of this entire body toughening and strengthening exam. Practicing longer and deeper breathing based on a tortoise posture, which promotes deep diaphragmatic breathing.

Including the One: Learning correct alignment guidelines and practical recommendations for this entire body strengthening posture that, when properly trained, focuses on building ‘Peng’ Jin. Standing meditation can also take this form.

Keeping the golden plate: developing the strength and flexibility of the wristsas well as strengthening the shoulder structure and stability in an extremely useful way

Jade rabbit facing the moon: Learn the correct and precise positioning of the body through the repetitions, so that the breath becomes extremely deep and abdominal, so that the ‘Qi sinks to the Tan Tien’ – the formal aim of this vital exercise.

Lesson 2

Red Capped Crane stretching its feet: learn the proper technique for training explosive, upwards force ‘Peng’ and gently stretching the lungs.

Civet Cat Catches Rats: You will learn the traditional 6 steps in this essential exercise, as well as shoulder strengthening and the development of the explosive spiralling power/Jin ‘Lieh’.

Flick the whip: This exercise is taught in the traditional manner, which incorporates ballistic movement and maximizes the development of explosive power from the waist. This is an important exercise for those who want to improve their Fa Jin for Tai Chi striking techniques.

This exercise develops the use of the waist for non-ballistic power/Jin in situations where we need to overcome heavy resistance, such as pushing or Tai Chi grappling techniques.

Lesson 3

Swallow piercing the clouds: This crucial movement teaches spiraling force while also developing the waist. This is intended to aid in escaping grappling positions, grabs, and negative clinches.

Smoothly leading the goat: This pattern is intended to develop spiraling force that can be used in Tai Chi grappling methods and throws. It also improves thoracic spinal mobility, the waist in general, and the strength of the rotational muscles of the trunk and spine.

Giant Python rotates his body: This exercise is traditionally said to improve the health and well-being of the Kidneys, which are associated with the production or storage of Jing in Chinese medicine and inner martial arts. This important health-focused exercise also improves arm torque when applying techniques.

Elephant shakes its head: The purpose of this special finishing movement is to relax and loosen the entire body at the end of the Yin sequence. It develops potential skill in becoming’sung,’ the special type of looseness desired in tai chi. As a result, Fa Jin and his explosive power have grown significantly.

Lesson 4

Tiger Paw: This effective exercise improves the overall strength and condition of the body. The first function is to create explosive ‘Jie’ force. Jie releases become increasingly focused and powerful, and the overall physique grows stronger.

The Golden Dragon Coiled around the pillar: This exercise demonstrates waist muscle stretching as well as high levels of leg power and endurance.

Pounds of White Horse It’s the Hooves: This movement builds strength throughout the body and develops crushing ‘An’ power, which is compression force downwards.

Planting the Fence is intended to create a magnificent ‘Bridge’ or physical frame that cannot be broken down. This standing meditation posture strengthens the entire body.

Lesson 5

Wugang Cutting Laurels: This movement is designed to improve rotational explosiveness from the waist. The trunk and core’s rotational and stabilizing muscles, as well as connective tissue, are toughened and developed. Practice results in high levels of rotational Fa Jin.

Standing meditation posture of a rhinoceros facing the moon: This standing meditation posture strengthens the entire body, particularly the spinal and core muscles. It is also said to focus on improving kidney health and strength.

Reclining Tiger stretches his waist: This movement strengthens the waist for upwardly directed Jin. Designed specifically to strengthen ‘uprooting’ Jin, which is crucial in Tai Chi pushing hands or grappling.

The mountain’s monarch emerges from his cave: When done correctly, this exercise strengthens your legs and improves your stance and stability.

Lesson 6

Boatman Rowing the boat (Asian style standing): This exercise develops dynamic strength throughout the entire body as well as the ability to transmit power in multiple planes using dynamic weight shifting.

Hungry eagle seeking food: This standing meditation strengthens the upper back and entire shoulder complex while improving upper body flexibility.

This explosive movement develops the Fa Jin ground reaction power of the lower body, triple extension of the lower body combined with forward expression of power, as well as balance.

Old Man Burning the Cinnabar (Making the Medicine): This crucial meditation exercise is said to unite mind and spirit. This’medicine making’ exercise consists of two breathing exercises and a stillness meditation.

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