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CHEK Golf Performance Specialist broaden your skill set to include an entirely new, lucrative niche without taking a week off! In a weekend, you can become a CHEK Golf Performance Specialist and learn how to improve golfers’ performance by addressing their golf-specific conditioning needs using Paul Chek’s Whole In One method.

Who is Paul Chek?

Paul Chek is an authority in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology, stress management, and holistic wellness, and he is known throughout the world for his work in these areas. Over the course of more than three decades, Paul’s one-of-a-kind, holistic approach to treatment and education has significantly improved the quality of life for a great number of his patients, his students, and their patients.

Golf is one of the most rapidly growing sports in the world. Golf is comparable to swimming in terms of participation in the United States, with 16% of Americans actively participating, or 43.5 million people. Golfers will do anything to increase their distance and lower their handicap. Golfers frequently spend up to $4,000 on a set of clubs in the hopes of gaining a few meters on their drives. Every year, the golf industry generates billions of dollars in revenue!

In spite of all the technological advancements in golf equipment, the average handicap of both men and women has not decreased over the past sixteen years. With a score of 279, golfers won tournaments such as the US Masters Championships fifty-five years ago; a score that would win many of the world’s major tournaments today! What a waste of golf technology!

Golfers have recently realized that clubs do not play the game; the golfer does! The only way to achieve a lower handicap is to improve the golfer’s ability to swing the club.

This is where an exercise specialist or golf pro can be of assistance. By becoming CHEK Golf Performance Specialists and learning how to improve golfers’ performance by addressing golf-specific conditioning requirements, these professionals can expand their skill sets to encompass an entirely new market.

This service is necessary to reduce the incidence of injury among golfers. Did you know that 53% of male golfers and 45% of female golfers experience low back pain, and that 30% of all touring professionals are injured at any given time? Furthermore, the sport is rife with wrist injuries, which is not surprising given that the majority of golfers lack core strength and overuse their arms.

Golf Performance Specialist Online with Paul Chek

The CHEK Golf Performance Specialist Online course consists of 129 videos and over 12 hours of practical training that will teach you how to assess the status of your golfing clients and then prescribe a stretching and conditioning program that will truly assist them in reaching their peak performance.

The CHEK Whole in One System is designed to address golf-specific conditioning requirements, thereby enhancing performance and decreasing injury risk. Using detailed assessments and individualized programming, each client’s unique issues can be identified and addressed. Over the course of the three-day workshop, you will learn:

Analyze the golf swing in terms of biomechanics and posture.
Assess the client’s range of motion and apply the corresponding stretches.
Utilize the Flexibility-Stability-Strength-Power progression to optimize golf performance and more!

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