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Ready Set Crypto – Fractal Energy MasterClass



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Fractal Energy MasterClass

This Fractal Energy MasterClass – Ready Set Crypto is Doc Trading program, adapted specifically for the Crypto market. This was conducted in October 2018. We will repeat these sessions February 2019, and alumni will be invited to attend at no extra charge.


What will you cover in Fractal Energy MasterClass?

This is Doc’s unique, proprietary charting analysis methodology that you’ve seen him use in any market. Learn how to read price charts and “look under the hood” of what is ACTUALLY happening to the price and trends, and not what some random study is saying.

This is a 15 module class, delivered online with each module having a written PDF guide, an HD video in clear 60FPS, plus an online quiz to test your knowledge at each step of the way. Ready Set Crypto – Fractal Energy MasterClass video is delivered in HD through our online portal, expandable to full screen and/or mobile-ready.

  • What is Broken?
  • What Are Fractals?
  • Financial Markets
  • Markets & Fractal Trends
  • Single Time frame Fractal Price Examples
  • Intro to Market Energy
  • Market Energy
  • Fractal Energy Trading
  • Fractal Energy Trading
  • Risk Management
  • Directional Trading
  • Market States
  • Scanning for Opportunity
  • Strategy Evaluation & Program
  • Summary


CHARLIE Mav is a Computer Science guy with a love of design, startups, and future technology. He’s been following cryptocurrencies since the early days and thoroughly enjoys harnessing their potential. He founded ReadySetCrypto(Fractal Energy MasterClass) because he was disappointed in the quality and breadth of information that was available to the retail investor. When not writing about Crypto, Mav travels abroad.

Doc is a former Electrical Engineer/MBA that had grown tired of the Telecommunications industry before he discovered Options trading. He quit his management position to trade full-time in 2005 and has not looked back since that point. He believes that Crypto provides so many advantages to the retail investor and loves to explain difficult concepts in a simple manner. When Doc is not trading, he’s hanging out with his wife and three children, or he’s in the air working on his private pilot license.

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