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David Olds – Dispo Team Training 2022



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Dispo Team Training is a program designed to help teams become more efficient and effective. It is based on the principles of David Olds, who is an expert in the field of organizational development and team building. The program focuses on developing team members’ skills and abilities, as well as providing tools and resources to help teams work together more effectively. The program is designed to help teams become more productive, collaborative, and successful. It also provides tools and resources to help teams build strong relationships and work together more effectively. The program includes activities, exercises, and discussion topics that help teams develop their skills and abilities. It also includes resources and tools to help teams become more successful.

Who is David Olds?

David Olds, a full-time real estate investor based in Chattanooga, TN, got his start in the industry in 2002, when he and his wife purchased a home that turned out to be a foreclosure. Once they made their first $50,000 flip, they were hooked on the real estate business and went on to complete many more.

He eventually amassed over a hundred rental properties and flipped them, becoming an expert at everything from wholesaling to property management to raising private capital.

Now David is an in-demand speaker and coach with a thriving nationwide wholesale business and a growing rental portfolio. He shares his knowledge with the next generation of investors so that they, too, can quickly expand their businesses and achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.

David’s common sense approach to business, exemplified by his guiding principles “Simplicity is Scalable” and “Always Start With The End In Mind,” has allowed him to create a successful company with an exceptional staff.

David is an expert at closing deals in any market and under any circumstances. It’s all there, from fully furnished rentals to luxury mansions destroyed by tornadoes. He can teach you the same marketing and sales techniques that have helped him build a successful team.

Dispo Team Training with David Olds

Take advantage of this limited time offer to enroll in a training program previously only accessible to the best wholesale teams in the country.

This is the ULTIMATE Sales Mastery course for wholesalers who want to learn the systems and methods that will help them sell their deals more quickly, for higher assignment fees, and to expand their businesses immediately.

Just imagine how awesome it would be to hire someone with zero real estate experience, train them on the job with this Sales Mastery Video Course, and then send them out to sell your deals.

Here are just a few of the things included in this Sales Mastery Course:

  • All of the contracts, checklists, procedures, and key performance indicators (KPIs) required to implement the strategies used by Million Dollar Wholesale companies.
  • Where can I find Cash Buyers in any market in the country?
  • Everything you need to know about hedge funds and how to sell your investments to them.
  • Learn how to Pre-Sell your deals using a little-known strategy.
  • Stop letting cash buyers walk all over you and reduce your assignment fees by negotiating like a shark.
  • David’s 20 years as an investor and over 12 years as one of the top producing wholesalers in the country have resulted in this course! Come learn from the best in the business and have him train your team the same way he trains his own team and virtual assistants!

What you will receive:

Stop struggling to move more than a couple of deals per month and start exploding your business now by moving your deals faster and increasing your assignment fees!

With complicated and perplexing systems, it is impossible to train a new team member. Allow David to train your team step by step, just as he does his team of Dispo Assassins who are crushing it.

This system is so powerful yet simple that you can hire a virtual assistant (VA) or even a team of them to work your deals after training them with it!

To wholesale and dispo your deals at a faster rate than the competition, you need to take this 18-module Sales Mastery Course. Grow your wholesale company to new heights with these tips.

If you’re a wholesaler looking to make the transition from “hustling” to “hiring a team” and “scaling quickly,” this course is for you. This Sales Master Course is yours to keep and use as often as necessary to educate your staff and virtual assistants.


  • Find out how to turn a novice into a seasoned Investment Property real estate sales professional.
  • David has figured out the secret and is now teaching the nation’s best wholesalers how to increase their sales.
  • Here’s your chance to learn the same skills that cost them over ten grand.


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