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David Drake – Narrative Coach Enhanced



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Narrative Coach Enhanced will teach you an innovative, purposeful process for identifying what triggers you and your clients, uncovering the narrative that drives your behavior, and quickly rewinding those stories to produce desirable results. You will discover the simple, non-dogmatic, and profound methodology that allows you to engage your clients on deeper levels and liberate the stories that are awaiting birth.

Narrative Coach Enhanced with David Drake

  • 14 Hours of LIVE Core Immersion Training with Dr. David Drake
  • 7 Hours of LIVE Implementation Discussion and Q&A with Dr. David Drake
  • Audio and video recordings, transcripts, and professional notes for all sessions
  • 7 Hours of LIVE Master Training with Dr. David Drake

To begin every one of the main training sessions that we’re going to do together, at the top of the hour, so about one hour’s time from now, we’re going to take a five-minute break. We’ll be able to go grab a tea, grab a water, just so you can pace out your learning. Know that we have a five-minute break that’s going to be coming up in about 60 minutes time.
I hope everybody was able to get into your membership area. It’s a brand-new experience coming into the members area, so we totally understand the time it might take to be able to learn the different parts of the membership area, access everything, have your passport stored.
So what I’d like to do so that we can make sure that we’re supporting everybody with their experience getting into it, if you can put into the chat box, if you need it support using your member’s area, can you just put “membership support” and we’re going to go back through this chat log and we will reach out to you individually to make sure that we can get a hold of everybody. Awesome. OK, yeah. So if you need anything, thank you Margaret for putting exactly what you need. We can loop back to you on email and we’ll come back and support you.

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