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Gareth Soloway – Secrets of a Winning Trader 2023



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Setups of a Winning Trader takes a deep dive as master trader Gareth Soloway guides you through the complex chart patterns and candlestick patterns that are Your Fast-Pass to spotting and timing lucrative trades in any market – including stocks, crypto, commodities, forex, and more! You will have access to Gareth’s next-level criteria for avoiding frequent trading traps and locating and evaluating high-probability chart setups in Setups of a Winning Trader, allowing you to progress on your quest to becoming a master trader.

Who is Gareth Soloway?

Master Trader Gareth Soloway has more than two decades of profitable trading experience as a self-taught technical swing and day trader.Gareth, one of the most popular guests on Kitco NEWS and many other networks featured on this page, has provided investors with major stock market, gold, silver, and cryptocurrency tops and bottoms.One recent example is his astoundingly accurate prediction of Bitcoin’s sudden drop below $20,000 in 2022. Contrary to popular opinion, he stood firm and helped investors around the world avoid significant losses.

Thousands of investors have found financial independence as a result of Gareth Soloway’s proven 80+% win rate on trade alerts and astonishingly accurate technical analysis and education.

Secrets of a Winning Trader 2023 with Gareth Soloway

The final course serves as your gateway to trading mastery. Here, you will discover the closely guarded trading secrets that have fueled Gareth’s phenomenal success. Gain insights into his trading strategy, from effective trade management to advanced charting techniques, and uncover a methodology that has provided financial freedom to thousands of investors worldwide.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your trading skills and enhance your financial acumen.

Utilize independent learning modules to gain access to your online course portal and enable self-paced learning: rewind, rewatch, pause, accelerate, and decelerate the course material to suit your requirements!

Discover the ultimate secret ingredients that comprise Gareth’s personal trading strategy, which has generated a win-rate of over 80% and 20 years of profitable trading across all markets (e.g., equities, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and forex)!

Acquire the ability to disregard sensationalism, current events, and social media in order to concentrate exclusively on the truth as it is presented in the charts.

Acquire entry to Gareth’s preferred and exclusive trading strategies, including Tail Theory and Confirmation Signal, as well as other vital signals and methodologies that are at the heart of his extraordinary trading success!

To protect your trading account, learn how to recognize when a potential Bull Flag is transforming into a Bear Flag and vice versa.

YES, it is possible to comprehend the true profits that underpin Strong Technical Analysis, as well as the way in which it operates and why.

Gareth’s success has been predicated on his ability to recognize minor and main areas of support and resistance, as well as draw trend lines.

Develop your emotional control and mental fortitude while studying the master trading scenarios that Gareth looks for on the charts.

Learn Gareth’s most favored and sophisticated chart patterns for predicting market movements for maximum profit!

Master the BEAR and BULL market survival techniques that are essential for any trader.

Additionally, you will receive:

Twenty learning modules containing more than eight hours of master-level material, instructed by master trader Gareth Soloway!
Five Hidden Components of Gareth’s Prodigious Trading Success!
Throughout this mastery course, the Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Robotic Trader is unveiled (2 bonuses included).

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