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Chris Dover – Swing Beast Momentum Strategy



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Swing Beast Momentum Strategy provides predictable setups helping you test and track them historically to inform the future. Measure and compare your results to improve Markets move between periods of low volatility and periods of high volatility

Who is Chris Dover

Chris Dover is the President and Founder of PollinateTrading.com. Over 22 years of experience trading as a prop trader, a portfolio manager at a hedge fund primarily trading quantitative and momentum systems. I’ve traded the.com collapse, 9/11, GFC, Flash Crash, Brexit, Volpocalypse, 2018 meltdown, COVID, and every crazy market.

He served in the United States Marine Corps prior to entering the prop trading industry in 1999. (at the height of the Dot Com Bubble).

I’ve perfected the art of knowing what to focus on and what to ignore while developing winning systems that provide true market advantages.

Swing Beast Momentum Strategy with Chris Dover

No matter if you are new to trading or  you are a professional trader, you can pick this system up and fully understand how powerful it is. Conducting it with ease. If you are a professional trader that is really great! You can easily cater this system to be your own .

  • A proven strategy that teaches you how to change a small account to a large account.
  • Pulling you into the trade not forcing it and guessing what’s going to happen next.
  • Further being knowledge of position sizing, risk management, price action, and other familiar variables
  • You will learn to organize sectors and equities according to the proper market regime. Keeping you out of low probability trades.
  • Custom SQN indicator in order to protect your working capital in which tells you when to take a trade and when to stay in cash.
  • Carry out the easy system
  • Deeply understand your win proportion
  • A predictable and repeatable high win rate strategy
  • Dive into one of the highest-earning strategies available in the market
  • Learn the accurate setup, know when to enter, and most importantly when to exit
  • Capitalizing on the move from low volatility to high volatility, which can deliver 4, 8, and even 10R returns.
  • Quantitatively identify the stocks that are primed to explode and stay away from ones that have lower chances of big moves
  • Learn how to capitalize on predictable human psychology behind momentum, capture profits, and avoid news-chasing
  • Position sizing is a major factor in trading success because it is the most essential one.
  • Works not only with stocks but also with Cryptocurrencies, Forex, and Futures
  • Options trading, when applied in the appropriate market regime with the appropriate method like the Swing Beast can have a 10x improvement in results
  • Break markets down by sectors to focus on where the action is, instead of always trying to guess where the opportunities *might* appear


Trading the swing beast strategy eliminates the guessing game. Providing you with predictable and repeatable high win rate setups.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know your win rate before you enter a trade?

Implementing the swing beast strategy allows you to know exactly that.

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  • Secondly, Swing Beast Momentum Strategy do not work the way it should.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, support extension can not be used.

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