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Becky Keen – The Offer Intensive



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The Offer Intensive generates content that resonates with your ideal client—the individual who is prepared to present their credit card and respond with a resounding “yes” each time you introduce a new workshop or program.

The Offer Intensive with Becky Keen

Inside The Offer Intensive, I’m going to show you how to create offers that magnetize your ideal clients and that your audience will devour.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Make 10-100k/months in a way that doesn’t exhaust you and instead feels exciting, aligned, and easeful.
  • Create cohesion across your suite of offers so you’re audience knows what you do and who you’re for.
  • Add masterclasses and workshops to your offer suite so you can serve 1-many and use those lower tier offers to fill your higher-ticket offers (cha-ching!).
  • Create content that stops attracting low vibe clients and instead attracts soul mate clients who are HOT for what you’re about to drop.
  • Launch your offers from idea to creation to launch. I could teach you the online way with all the bells and whistles and hustle and grind, but instead, I’ll teach you the fun, feminine, flowey way (aka The Becky Way).
  • Sell what you want, when you want, and how to sell more than one thing at a time. And no, you won’t confuse your audience, buy yes, they will want to buy all the things.
  • Stay connected to the essence of your work and have that be reflected in your prices and your offers.

When you master these two simple skills, you’ll have income that grows and stacks month over month, you’ll magnetize ideal clients into your world on repeat, your clients will stick around for the long term, and you’ll feel an embodied confidence around your work.

Double or triple your revenue by charging higher ticket for your premium offers, create scalable mid-tier offers and low-ticket top-of-funnel offers that make your stripe notifications go bonkers.

Consistently create content that speaks to your exact right fit client – the one that is ready to whip out their credit card and say a “hot yes” every time you drop a new workshop or program.

This is for you if you:

Want to call in high-paying clients on repeat.

Feel bored talking about 10k months and you know you can do so much more.

Are feeling burnt out by your current model of doing and selling things and you want to scale with a powerful suite of offers that reflects your level of brilliance.

Want to aim big and match the level of offers with the clients you’re ready to call in.

Desire money to be coming to you – without you always needing to be “on.”

Are simultaneously triggered and inspired by people making more money than you, and you’re ready to crack the code for yourself.

Are ready to promote your work and brilliance unapologetically.

Want to refine and hone in on your unique message, so your content can do the converting for you.

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  • Thirdly, and most importantly, support extension can not be used.

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