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Kim Foster – The Vibrant Woman Project DFY Program



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The Vibrant Woman Project is a comprehensive curriculum I developed as a physician with over twenty years of experience in the health and wellness field. This means that you can rest easy knowing that your clients will see fantastic results from using the information provided.

Everything has been prepared for you, including research, writing, and packaging. so you can get right down to the business of coaching your clients without delay!

Everything has been expertly crafted and branded so that you can promote a premium offer with a polished, professional appearance right off the bat.

Fonts, text, colors, images, titles,… can all be altered to your liking. you can modify it to suit your needs, or use it in its entirety.

Who is Kim Foster?

I became disillusioned with medicine and started making the switch to coaching, where I did what every coach does at the outset: I sold individual sessions.

I had merely switched from one career paying in dollars per hour to another. I realized it was impossible to make a living coaching at that rate, and that I would eventually tire of the job.

If I wanted to build the company (and the life) of my dreams, I had to find a better way to get there.

Therefore, I invested six months into developing my initial health coaching program from scratch. I put my entire knowledge base and some blood, sweat, and tears into that program, and when it was finished, it skyrocketed my business.

At last, I was able to demand the high prices I knew were justified.

At last, I was able to enroll my ideal customers (determined women eager to make positive changes in their lives) in a pricey program.

For the first time, I was able to guide my clients through a comprehensive program that resulted in real, long-lasting change (instead of just getting so-so results through one-off sessions).

The Vibrant Woman Project DFY Program with Kim Foster


  • A comprehensive 12-module program with gorgeous slide decks and workbooks for each module, as well as a comprehensive welcome packet to give your clients a fabulous start in the program (and have them loving you right out of the gates)
  • The complete package of marketing materials (including promotional emails and a beautiful sales page template) to help you sell this program immediately.
  • Bonus collection of elegantly designed social post templates that make promoting the program to your community incredibly simple.

Prep Week: Welcome To The Program!

Get your clients off to an empowered and exciting start with this Prep Week module.

  • Identify their “why” to set them up for success
  • Action steps and journal prompts
  • Simple mindset hacks to lay the foundation
  • Step-by-step strategies for making a plan, clearing space, and carving out the time for this program and the changes ahead!

1nd The Foundations of Wellness

In this module, you’ll get your client started by setting them up with some foundational habits.

  • 6 steps to developing a transformative journaling practice
  • How to help them take stock of their wellbeing with the Wheel of Wellness exercise
  • 5 secrets to setting effective health & wellness goals

2nd Nutrition Fundamentals

In this module, you’ll teach them the fundamental nutrition concepts that will give them a solid grounding in the best way to nourish and fuel their body. From there, you’ll help them find simple ways to begin moving their diet in the right direction so they can achieve their health goals!

A 5-Minute Guide to the 6 Essential Nutrients
12 Superfoods to add to their diet
Discover In-Season Foods That Benefit their Health and Budget
Assessment Exercise: Your Relationship with Food

3rd Stress

In this module, you’ll teach your client about the symptoms of chronic stress, and some simple strategies for reducing the stress in their life. Stress affects everything: mood, skin, digestive system, metabolism, immune system … so it’s crucial to manage this element of wellness.

6 Signs of Chronic Stress— and how to permanently defuse it
5 minute Stress Assessment
15 simple ways to stress less
The secret to breathing exercises that really do work

4th Hormones & Metabolism

Despite what we’ve long been told, losing weight is not a simple matter of “eat less and exercise more”. Often the real key to losing what weight, gaining energy, and improving mood lies with your client’s hormones.

the 3 key hormones involved in metabolism & weight loss
the connection between hormones & weight
Effective strategies for balancing hormones (3 dietary strategies & 3 non-dietary strategies)

5th Body Image & Weight Loss

In this module, you’ll take an even deeper dive into the topic of weight loss with your clients and give them specific strategies for losing weight … but you’ll help them do this from a place of self-love (not self-loathing).

How to create affirmations that actually work
Journal prompts to encourage deep reflection on their body image
9 simple ways to cut back on sugar
10 ways to lose 10 lbs: effective weight loss strategies

6th Food & Mood

In this module, you’ll fully explore the connection between food and mood and help your client with some specific strategies to help them curb emotional eating and eat more mindfully.

The biological connection between food & mood
How to recognize the signs of emotional eating
The 3 key ways food impacts your mood
8 strategies for developing a healthier relationship with food
A step-by-step guide to practicing mindful eating

7th Sleep Wellness

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things people can do for their overall health and well-being. In this module, you’ll guide your client to improving their “sleep wellness”.

  • The impact of sleep deprivation on health & wellbeing
  • The surprising connection between diet and sleep (and what to do about it)
  • What they need to know about caffeine (and 7 ways to manage caffeine intake)
  • 5 key sleep habits to improve sleep quality and ensure improved health

8th Movement & Active Living

In this module, you’ll help your clients get moving! You’ll help them adopt strategies for making exercise a habit and creating a plan that works for them and their lifestyle.

  • How to create a personal exercise plan they can stick to
  • A revolutionary new way of approaching exercise that embraces pleasure and makes it easy to stay active
  • 8 tips for using an exercise journal to solidify your habits
  • Mindset strategies to encourage an active lifestyle

9th Self Care

This module is designed to help your clients see what is truly possible if they start to prioritize self care, and attend to their WHOLE self on the mental, physical and spiritual levels.

  • What is self care & why is it important?
  • Tips for creating a personalized self-care plan
  • How to build an empowering morning ritual
  • Easy-to-adopt habits and routines such as Self-Care Sundays

10th Relationships

In this module, your clients will learn how to boost their health and happiness by paying attention to their social wellbeing. They’ll adopt some strategies for building supportive relationships and strengthening their sense of community.

  • A Woman’s Guide to Friendships
  • Effective Communication in Long-term Relationships & marriage
  • The 5 love languages

11th Happiness

In this module you’ll be helping your client consider the happiness-health connection, and you’ll give them a number of strategies to boost their happiness and enjoy an improved quality of life.

  • 8 key benefits of happiness
  • 10 things you can do each day to enhance your happiness
  • How to build a gratitude practice (12 simple strategies)

12th Celebrate & Plan Your Next Chapter

As with any journey, it’s important to look back and reflect as well as look forward towards your goals. With this final module, you’ll guide your client to celebrate, review progress, and make plans for what’s going to come next

  • Journal prompts so they can reflect on the journey and celebrate how far they’ve come
  • A framework for looking forward and creating “next level” goals
  • Affirmations to help them reach the next stage
  • A step-by-step action plan

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